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Bordering on racist caricature?


Well at least now I know it isn’t just me being overly sensitive then.


Love the sixth gun


Just asked John Arcudi when/ if a Rumble deluxe was on the way. He wasn’t sure, so it’s not necessarily a sure thing. Maybe pick up vol 1 in TPB on the cheap, if you can, and trade up later if you like it (which you should!).


Thanks, will go hunting or might wait until the Vol 3 trade is out and grab the lot.


Nice write up here of Transformers MTMTE ahead of the start of the Lost Light series.


As you mentioned the book looks to be in trouble, went and bagged Vols 1-2 quick.


Cheers, Ben. You’re a star. Hope you like it.


Have added Fantagraphics books, and Lion Forge

Edit: Previews Text is up.

I’ve started the Solicitations for March thread.
Nothing to see yet. Maybe in a few days.


Did Avatarex get cancelled? My LCS told me that orders for issue 3 got dropped. I can’t seem to find any info online.

I also heard that Diamond lost nearly all of the Weird Pulp covers for Providence #10. I want one so bad.


The Solicitations for March thread is underway with Dark Horse and (some) Archie (one-shots).

Solicitations for March 2017 (w/Previews Text)

I’ll cease kissing ass by citing Millarworld books :grin: and say that Moonshine is freaking fantastic thus far. Seeing Archie books listed in this thread, I love the Waid reboot, but I hope more attention and a heftier release schedule of Afterlife and Sabrina this year. I go bonkers in wait on those books, albeit it makes my Wednesdays when they’re sitting in my pull box.


Emerald City Comic Con 2015 was my first comic convention and up until then I pretty much only read Marvel and Hellboy related titles. The convention really opened my eyes to how much more was out there. I asked Bendis on Tumblr how he’d start a new comic collection and he said expand your boundaries and try stuff you wouldn’t usually. Ironically, as a result of taking his advice I haven’t bought more than a couple Marvel books in the last two years. Here’s some of the stuff I’ve read and loved in the meantime.

PROPHET by Brandon Graham and a bunch more people
RUMBLE John Arcudi & James Harren
AUTUMNLANDS Kurt Busiek & Benjamin Dewey (I regret trade waiting all of these)
AGE OF REPTILES Ricardo Delgado (so so cool)
MARQUIS Guy Davis (so sad he stopped drawing comics)
SPACE MULLET Daniel Warren Johnson’s awesome free web comic

I’ve also been reading the ISLAND anthology, I really liked Simon Roy’s HABITAT and there’s been enough cool stuff that I haven’t dropped it yet (though there’ve been a few things that really aren’t my taste)

Some older stuff I feel stupid for not having read before:
BONE by Jeff Smith
AKIRA by Katsuhiro Otomo
KABUKI David Mack

Along with these series I recently got comiXology unlimited and have sampled a ton more Image titles. Just started reading the MASK omnibus from Dark Horse which is awesome.

Still following the Mignola books.

What most of these titles have in common (other than being creator owned) is that I’ve met most of the creators and they were all super supportive and have given me great constructive criticism on my own stuff.


Recently I’ve come into contact with some great comics from Alterna Comics, an Indie Publisher. They have great books like Croak (which I won the complete series signed on twitter giveaway) and The Chair which is being made into a movie releasing next month


Go to twitter and follow retweet @whyimCAS and @theChairHorror for your chance to win. I’m not lucky and I also won a signed poster from The Chair!


There’s a slipcase of all six volumes plus the AKIRA CLUB book out early next year, and it’s the first time Akira will be printed in English unflipped with Japanese sound effects. I’m very tempted by it.


It’s definitely on my list. I haven’t seen any further details on it since the original announcement though. I hope it’s still in the works.


It’s the first printed comic I’ve wanted to buy in years!

No, that’s a lie, I bought House of Hem this year as well.


How much is it going to cost?
I think I’ll start saving up now.

I’ve already pre-ordered the new editions of Ghost in the Shell (I hear that volume 2 has a bit of a reputation but I feel like I need to give it the benefit of the doubt since the first volume is so good) which are also going to be left-to-right and are marketed as being “definitive editions” with input from Shirow himself. Hopefully they’re both great.


Ghost in the Shell 2 is gorgeous but it meanders a fair bit and the main plot is quite opaque. The Dark Horse edition had extensive input from Shirow as well, leading to some pages remaining unflipped to preserve what he saw as the flow of the story.

Are they also reprinting 1.5? I never managed to pick that up.