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Oh, Grant Morrison, you crazy bastard.


What the f—! :open_mouth:


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Remember Morrison once wrote this:


Has anyone else been reading Heavy Metal under Morrison’s tenure? I’ve been buying it but haven’t got around to looking at any of it in any detail yet.


The catholic in me was just shocked. I actually did not put it past Morrison to write something like this. :laughing: I’m actually not that offended by it. I just recently bought and read preacher and it was great. hahaha… also, the title “The Savage Sword of Jesus Christ” is actually freaking amazing. :smile:


Can I just say that I fucking love Rumble? Just read the third arc (#11-15) and it was brilliant. I’ve waxed lyrical about John Arcudi’s work on BPRD before, and Rumble, whilst completely different, retains many of the same characteristics - great characters and fantastic action. Harren & Stewart’s artwork is phenomenal too.

Unfortunately the letter column of #15 implies that all is not well, and the book languishes real low on the sales charts, so l do fear for its future. If you haven’t given it a go already, please give the first volume (or the forthcoming deluxe hardcover) a bash. I think you’ll enjoy it. The first volume’s on sale at Comixology right now, I think.

Black Science #22-25 didn’t go at all where I expected it to go, after the conclusion of the previous arc. Remender keeps putting his “heroes” through the wringer, and I can’t wait to see where it goes from here. Constantly surprising; this is by far my favourite of Remender’s titles (if you liked Uncanny X-Force and haven’t tried this yet you’re missing out).


Your sales pitch worked Vikram, as the first volume is only $3.99 I picked up a copy.


Ok, you’ve sold me Rumble. Oh, there’s an OHC on the cards? Excellent.


Hope you like it!


Not sure when, but John McCrea was tweeting about doing a pinup for the hardcover, so I guess that’s pretty good confirmation that one is on the way.


Is it known if it collects 2 or 3 trades yet?


Don’t know just yet. Guess it would be all three current volumes, as they are pretty much one continuous story.


Oh, that sounds good, probably looking at a $50 item then. Thanks.


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Hugo Broyler 1 (Magnetic Press) - It’s the near future and ex hover racing champ Hugo Broyler is back in the driving seat but this time he races against his daughter and also carries the memory of his recent near fatal crash in which his old rival died. The art is good in a kind of poor man’s Eduardo Risso way but unfortunately the writing can’t match it. Scenes seem forced and unrealistic and the twist, he has his dead rival’s voice in his head which also controls his actions , did nothing for me.

The Mummy 1 (Titan) - Rather that focus on being set in the past like many Mummy tales, this takes a modern twist as a small cult attempts to prolong their lives by offering up a sacrifice and finding a new high priestess. Milligan keeps the story interesting and the art is not bad either. I’ll give it another issue at least.

Britannia 1-2 (Valiant) - During the reign of Emperor Nero, centurian Antonius Axia is sent to England to solve the mystery of possible monster sightings. Peter Milligan is on form yet again and I thought this was a cracking book. There’s absolutely loads of story here with plots, sub plots, interesting varied characters and some great back matter. Avatar stalwart Juan Jose Ryp is on art duties and he seemed to have refined his style and it works really well. Shame it’s just a 4 issue mini.

Kong of Skull Island 1-2 (Boom) - This is a wordy book and iit definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. Giant gorillas, or Kongs as they are known, are trained to fight in giant arenas and behind this gladiatorial display there is an intriguing power struggle between rival tribes of indigenous people who inhabit the lands surrounding Skull Island. I really enjoyed this and the detailed art is great although the colours are a bit too muted at times.

Moonshine 1-2 (Image) - Risso’s art has never looked better and combined with Azzarello’s spot on scripting this is new must read from Image. My only minor niggle is that it feels almost no different from 100 Bullets and, aside from the possible werewolf twist, in the way the story is told and the way things develop.

Strayer 1 (Aftershock) - Strayer is a barbarian/mercenary type who goes around killing giant monsters and generally causing havoc. It’s a basic level scene setter of an issue where nothing is really given away other than the fact that a strange girl/witch is lurking around with seemingly ulterior motives. Not bad but not amazing.

American Monster 1-2 (Aftershock) - Azzarello is back in his favoured theme of writing about scumbags and gangsters and crooks. Juan Doe is clearly a good artist but I think I prefer him on covers rather than interiors. This promises to be a twisty turney thing just like 100 Bullets as seeds are sown early with hinted at plots and behind the scenes happenings. I’ll read the first arc at least.

Replica 1-2 (Aftershock) - Love it. This is GotG crossed with Multiplicity (the film) crossed with Grey Area (2000 ad strip) and it’s great. The first issue is all set up but Paul Jenkins uses issue 2 to crank up the drama, tension, suspense, intrigue and jokes all equally well. Andy Clarke proves that it’s a crying shame that he hasn’t done more monthly work. Colourist Marcelo Maiolo also deserves a mention. My new fave monthly.

The Revisionist 1-2 (Aftershock) - The art is kind of a mix up of Scalera and Murphy and is pretty good and the writing is okay but this time travel/secret assassin tale just didn’t grab me. It’s another one of those not bad but not great books.

Rough Riders 1-2 (Aftershock) - I like unlikely ensemble casts and this follows titles such as Necronauts and Spooks in that vein. Both of those are superior books but that doesn’t mean that this is not worth a look. It’s more basic and a bit more generically heavy handed in the writing but when you have Theodore Roosevelt, Harry Houdini, Annie Oakley, Jack Johnson and Thomas Edison teaming up to fight injustice and the weird you know it will be a fun romp.

Second Sight 1-2 (Aftershock) - David Hine takes a murky look at psychics, psychos and sex crime in this intriguing series with great scratchy art by Ponticelli. I’m in for the first arc at least.

Animosity 1-2 (Aftershock) - I didn’t know what t make of this. The tagline is - ‘One day, the Animals woke up. They started thinking. They started talking. They started taking revenge’ - It’s basically The Last of Us meets Y the Last Man in a world where animals aren’t taking anymore shit. I was initially confused as to whether this was a serious book or a tongue in cheek black comedy and to be honest I’m still not sure. However, I’m sticking with it as there were some cool unique moments and I’m sure there are more to come.

Jackpot 1-2 (Aftershock) - Right, so this starts off as a heist book that seems like a clumsier, not-as-good version of Losers or Thief of Thieves. It’s not terrible but when things get all, covert-shadow-elements, and magic-y, I lost interest.

Insexts 1-2 (Aftershock) - It’s Victorian times and after suffering abuse form her husband, a wealthy lady and her maid plot revenge. Things get weird as they puke up mucus covered egg sacs and transform into human/insect hybrids. Oh yeah, they love having sex as well. It’s a bizarre one but I’ll give it another issue.

Wow, Aftershock are killing it at the moment and I’d say they are now right behind Image as the best non big two publisher. Let’s not forget they published Ennis’ Dreaming Eagles and I still haven’t tried some of the other books. B.E.K is written by Joe Pruett who I’m not keen on, Captain Kid is a superhero book by Mark Waid but I’ve lost faith in him and that subject matter and there’s also Shipwreck by Ellis that I need to catch up on. Then coming out soon are Tony Harris and Tim Seeley books.

p.s due to the unusually high positivety of this post and just so people don’t think I’ve been drinking, I did read Moon Knight 1 & 2 and I honestly don’t know what all the fuss is about. Nice art but I had no interest in the story (and that’s coming from someone who owns every Moon Knight book since his first appearance)


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I was really excited for Moonshine. I utterly loved Azzerello’s Hellblazer run and was excited about his return to horror. I normally like Risso’s art. However, I have to say I was little uncomfortable with his depiction of the Black children in the beginning of the second issue. They felt like they were bordering on racist caricature.


By Risso or Azzarello? (I haven’t read the comic, just curious.)


It was Risso’s art that I found problematic. I could be reading too much into it but as I said it made me a little uncomfortable.

EDIT: this is an example of what I’m talking about, particularly the one on the right.