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Might be wrong on the exact number but think 48 issues is it, so 4 OHCs or 8 trades.


Yeah Revival is ending very soon, I think 48 is right from Ben or around there (I’m not sure they’ve fully announced the exact issue but the current storyline is headlined as the conclusion).


Cool, thanks for the info. I assume you guys recommend it since you both seem to be reading it?


Not necessarily. Don’t you know by now that many comics readers only buy the books to complain about them?


Really? That’s a thing? :wink:


Yeah, I’ve got the OHCs. I can’t recommend it unreservedly as it’s one of those stories that’s built around its central, mysterious concept and I wonder if the revelation of what’s going on will hold up.

On the other hand, the journey of the story so far has been very good. It’s quite a subtle book at times too, particularly with that central concept.

Only the foolish ones.


Amazon’s listing for the final TPB says it collects 42-47:

Revival’s another one I need to catch up on. I have the first four TPBs, but need to re-read them before reading the rest.


Does anyone know if it’s worth getting the hardcover deluxe collection? I prefer hardcovers these days but only if they’re worth the money.


I’ve got 'em. They’re good 12 issue hardbacks that you can get for a little less than the two trades they collect.


Revival is superb. Definitely one if my favourite series over the last 2 years, up there with Rachel Rising.


Tokyo Ghost #6 - 10 were absolutely amazing. Sean Murphy’s artwork was just stunning, and Remender’s story hit close to home. What a great ending too! Brilliant stuff all round.



Dark Horse and Archie are first up in the Solicitations for February thread.

Also, 25¢ IMAGE COMICS Books For Company’s 25TH ANNIVERSARY

2017 will be the 25th anniversary of Image Comics’ launch, and writer/co-owner Robert Kirkman is celebrating the occasion by making his three primary books 25¢ during the month of February. The Walking Dead #163, Invincible #133, and Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta #25 will all have a list price of 25¢.
Each of the issues begins a new story-arc: The Walking Dead explores the aftermath of “The Whisperer War”; Invincible kicks off the 12-part finale to the long-running series; and Outcast’s arc is described as a “major turning point” that adds a new facet to the book: hope.
Look for Image Comics’ full February 2017 solicitations later this month.



I read the final issue of BPRD: HELL ON EARTH yesterday. So sad to think I won’t be getting this book monthly any more. :cry:


Apparently Campbell confirmed there will be a third cycle of it, but even so - it’ll be without John Arcudi.


Warhammer 40K: Will of Iron 1 (Titan) - I’ve just subscribed to the WH40K part works novels so I’m on a Warhammer kick at the moment. I’ve read the previous series’ that Boom! did some years ago and I would say that even after just one issue, this is much more in the same tone as the novels. Grim, thoughtful characters and a massive wealth of world building backstory to pick from. Good stuff.

Seven to Eternity 2 (Image) - After 2 issues I’m out. Even the Opena art can’t save this from being a run of the mil sci fi tale that feels uninspired and unoriginal. It’s not awful by any means but why should I spend my money on something that’s just ok?

Dishonored 1 (Titan) - I’ve no idea if this is tied to the video game, which I tried ages ago and hated, but I gave it chance based on the fact it’s written by Gordon Rennie. The lead is a spymaster and he’s looking for a new apprentice whilst around him the criminal underworld is rising up. It’s fairly standard stuff but the art is nice and I’ll give it one more issue at least.

Skybourne 2 (Boom!) - Frank Cho gives us more details about the immortals and adds to the mystery of who would want to kill them. Better than than the first issue and I think I’ll commit to the rest of the mini.

Surgeon X 1 (Image) - There’s a lot to like in this tale of a world where antibiotics are now being rationed as immunity to them has grown out of control. Characters are established well and the art is pretty good but sometimes I felt that the writer was trying too hard and things came across a little forced.

The Fourth Planet 1 (Chapter House Comics) - If you like East of West then you’ll probably like this as the setting and themes are quite similar. The art is perhaps a bit too scratchy and rough at times but there is enough intrigue to warrant further reading.


I totally agree on Seven To Eternity, Bobby. I was looking forward to that a lot, based on Remender’s current form and Opena’s art. But I found #1 really slow and unengaging. I didn’t even bother with #2.

I may get it in OHC at some point down the line, just to appreciate the artwork at a larger size, but for now I’m done.


You might want to give number 2 a look. It seemed like it changed things up a bit.


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