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Finished reading Garth Ennis’ Johnny Red mini-series today (#1-8, Titan Books). I was a bit wary going in because I found Dreaming Eagles quite disappointing; I feared that the law of diminishing returns was setting in when it came to Garth’s war stories (I have read them all). I needn’t have worried. This was amazing, from start to finish. One of my favourites, in fact. More “Boy’s Own” adventure than harrowing account of war. Nevertheless, it was an excellent story, with great artwork, and each issue came with some awesome backup material (interviews and articles on the war in Russia). There was an allusion in one of the earlier issues to a sequel. I really hope that happens. Highly recommended.


Yep, it’s great and like you say the back up material is strong. Books like this and Saga are reasons why I prefer singles to collected editions (in instances where collected editions don’t include the monthlies back matter).


Ed Brubaker’s books always have great essays in the back of each issue. I also enjoy reading Joe Casey’s thoughts in his issues of Sex.


Received a parcel of loot from my LCS yesterday.

Saga 37 & 38 - I have to say I’m getting a bit bored of this series. Do I really need to see Prince Robot jerking off? The answer is no. Issue 37 does little to advance the overall plot and whereas 38 does have some good moments and the death of a major character , I kind of wish it would all wrap up soon. Does anyone know how many issues are planned as do to me being a lame-o completionist I’ll probably continue to buy it monthly.

Deadly Class 22 - So, after last issues bombshell ending we now turn to a new school year and with it a new class.I feel this is another one of my previous favourite series that has also lost it’s way. Great art but what’s the overall plan? I’m the kind of reader who needs an end game and larger plot rather than random ramblings.

Seven to Eternity 1 - Definitely not as good as I was hoping. The first half was mediocre and I had already decided I wouldn’t be getting issue 2 halfway through. The second half was an improvement and I changed my mind slightly. What we have here is a fantasy tale of a shunned family that has refused to take side in a great war but is drawn back into the conflict as they are eventually hunted down by the big bad. The art by Opena is clearly good but not his best work and the dialogue by Remender grated at points. I’ve decided to get at least the next issue to give it one more chance.

Black Monday Murders 1 - Why can’t Hickman ever just write a book that goes from A to B without any head scratching moments or convoluted back story and confusing references? I liked parts of this and the art is stellar but I’m not sure how patient I am with Hickman’s work. I also fear he could be the new Ellis and leave books in limbo for ages. I can see this being delayed along with the likes of Dying and the Dead and Secret which took ages to come out. Didn’t SHIELD also suffer this fate?

Briggs Land 1 - Crime drama that is being adapted for TV. Intriguing opening issue with diverse interesting characters and tons of room for emotional engagement. The only downside was the fact that some characters were drawn quite similarly so identifying them was sometimes tricky.

Transformers 56-57 & More Than Meets the Eye 56 & 57 - So, this is the end. Well, the end of these two series’ that is and the end of season 2. Roberts says he wants to get to at least 100 issues so I guess we’ll have a couple more seasons (assuming cancellation doesn’t rear it’s ugly head). I feel that my interest in TF has waned during season 2 and there’s a quote in one of the issues that sums up a lot of the run for me, “I’m sick of complicated backstories nobody remembers.” This also applies to MTMTE in that there are way too many characters to keep track of and a shit load of back story that keeps getting added to in virtually every issue. I honestly couldn’t keep up. This is slightly mitigated as far as MTMTE is concerned by virtue of the fact that the art is quality and the script is excellent. It kind of makes me forget I have no idea how everything ties together.


I gave up on Saga an arc or two ago. I simply got bored with it. While the story did move, it just never felt like it was going anywhere.

I have the second issue of The Black Monday Murders to read. I enjoyed the first issue so we’ll see if he can keep it going.


I love Saga, it’s still top of the pile when it comes out. It has no end in sight any time soon. Vaughan said he would carry on as long as Staples is interested and it’s a long haul idea.

I get the frustration but I’m not someone who is very driven by plot, BKV’s long form stories do meander. I like that.


I still like Saga but admit that I enjoy binge reading it more not because of plot but because the character beats play out better over the long run.


The black Monday murders gets better the more issues go by. I’m a die hard hickman fan so for them each week. I agree Issue 1 was frustrating but it gets a lot better as it goes. Worth investing a coupe more issues to see if you enjoy it. I agree with the potential Ellis issue though.


Added Avatar and Devil’s Due/1st Comics


The Black Monday Murders 2 - The current stuff with the lead detective who’s, name I can’t remember (in fact I only read it yesterday and I can’t remember any of the character’s names. Is that a sign of bad writing or me having a shit memory?) is pretty good but all the back story ramblings still make no sense to me. I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that outside of early Image Hickman (TNN, Transhumans and Pax Romana) there’s little of his stuff I actually like but the Tom Coker art is stellar enough for me to give this one more issue.

Green Valley 1 - I have no idea who Max Landis is and I bought this for the Camuncoli art but sadly it was not what I was expecting. He’s changed his style and it’s more rounded and soft and basically a downgrade. As for the story it’s basically a rip off of the warriors three from Thor and not even a good one. Misplaced jokes are plentiful and it feels like the writer is trying too hard to be clever. I was happy to bail but Landis is actually quite clever and on the text page he mentions that the reader has, ‘no idea what’s coming, literally none. Nothing can prepare you for where this goes or why’. At a guess I’m saying this involves one or more of the following. Time travel, space travel, virtual reality or alternate realities. There you go Max, I have some idea where it’'s going. Anyway, the first issue didn’t do enough for me to want to spend anymore cash on the series but I will read spoilers to see where it goes.

Shipwreck 1 - Do any of you guys read any Aftershock books? I’ve sampled this and the Dreaming Eagles series. As for Shipwreck it’s Warren Ellis and Phil Hester and it’s a bit of a confusing start. Some dude is, surprise surprise, shipwrecked but when he stumbles into town he’s greeted by several weirdos spouting crazy nonsense none of which makes sense. I’m out.


I had an answer for this but I forgot it.


Terry Moore to return to Strangers in Paradise in 2018

Still a long way off, but I’m looking forward to this.

I’d normally be concerned with a creator returning to a series that had such a perfect ending. But I trust that Moore wouldn’t go back if he didn’t have a story worth telling.


Holy crap! I didn’t realise that was out yet.
To Comixology I go!


Four Eyes - Heart of Fire #1-4 - it has been a long time since the first volume of this series came out, and if you haven’t read that beforehand you really should. HoF doesn’t standalone - it should really have just been #5-8. The story itself takes quite a dark turn here, with the effects of the Great Depression, racism and abusive parenting. Joe Kelly’s the funny guy, right? Not here!

The artwork is split between original artist Max Fiumara and Rafeal Ortiz. Ortiz’ artwork is fine, but given that this series took several years to come out, it’s a shame that there couldn’t be consistent art across all four issues.

The mini ends on something of a cliffhanger too. I hope the next “act” isn’t too long in coming, but I’m not holding my breath!


Added Action Lab, Chapterhouse, and Viz Media


From Bleeding Cool:

Announced at MCM London Comic Con today, at the Diamond Retailer event, Dan Didio excitedly showed off a first look at Garth Ennis and Mauricet‘s reworking of Hanna-Barbera characters Dastardly & Muttley.

After all, they are both fighter pilots in Stop The Pigeon… and very different to their appearance in Wacky Raceland.

Ennis + fighter pilots = I’m there.


East of West #26 - #29 were the final few chapters of “Year Two”. This book continues to amaze. Much like BPRD, stuff gets broken here that can’t get put back together. It’s huge, dramatic, and apocalyptic in scope. Loving it.

This is definitely a book I struggle reading issue by issue. There are too many characters, and too many plot lines to keep straight. But, when reading it a few issues at a time it really comes together.


Which is why I’m bagging the big Year Two OHC next March. :slight_smile:


Has it ever been stated how long Revival is going to run for or is it open ended like BPRD/The Walking Dead? I was considering buying the first trade but I don’t want to commit to a series that’s just going to keep going on and on.