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Please be Ennis

Please be Ennis

Please be Ennis


I could live with that.




Well, if we want a hippy Dare, tripping out on LSD and shrooms, OK.


I’m not necessarily endorsing Morrison as a returning writer to Dan Dare…


Morrison’s Dare with Rian Hughes was reasonably ‘straight’, wasn’t it? And used him to tell a contemporary and relevant story without altering the core character too much.


As a reminder, Big Finish Productions are doing an audio Dan Dare series coming soon (first volume is November).

I have never read Morrison’s take. It was Dare in a strangely Thatcherite future right?


Well it was as much the reskinning of the world around Dare as a Thatcherite nightmare, and his ultimate fate in the story I was thinking of.

By comparison to the Ennis/Erskine mini, where Dare repudiates the Blairite perverting of his beloved Britain by sheer force of will. The two books are like mirror images of each other, but I far prefer Ennis’ run.


I don’t find Morrison’s Dare ages very well. Like Ellis at the time there’s no subtlety in his political points.

Love the Rian Hughes artwork though.


That was true for a lot of Morrison’s work of that era I think, the anti-Thatcherite stuff was pretty broad and bold.


That’s probably true of Zenith as well if we are to be honest about it (and I like Zenith).


Yes, I was thinking also of St Swithin’s Day in particular, which was published around the same time as Dare.


I haven’t read that…There are obviously gaps in my Morrison reading. :smile:

Honestly I think he became much more fun, albeit slightly less coherent, to read once he embraced the whole shamanic, multiple dimensions thing.


I wouldn’t call it essential (it’s fairly thin and fairly short - I think it was compiled into just a single issue) - but maybe worth a read as a companion to some of his other stuff from that era.

Was that just after Alan Moore embraced the whole magical, snake-god thing?


Yes, but it was obviously very, very different…

Morrison is all about the Chaos Magic whereas Alan Moore got involved with…

It was just very different okay :laughing:


Don’t mention that Austin Osman Spare showed up in Promethea!


Jim Broadbent has written a comic, artwork by Dix, called Dull Margaret. It’s inspired by this Bruegel painting:


A nice little shout-out to Chew at AV Club – can’t believe it’s finally ending! That took a while, eh?


The Solicitations for January 2017 thread now has:

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I have been buying the Ultimate Collection of Invincible lately. One of my favorite books of all time easily. I like it more than TWD.