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I’ll bet a small fortune it sells better than the previous issue, that’s how comics work, as daft as it may be.


Read as a plot development without any context whatsoever it is indeed a WTF idea.

However… Dark Cybertron really sets it up well - I haven’t got any further as I decided to switch to the OHCs and they’ll only be completing Phase 2 Feb / March time next year.

I’m expecting the post-DC OHCs to be dubbed Phase 3.


I don’t think they will be. “Phase 2” was just to draw a line under all the previous runs and soft reboots, a subtle “you can just read these ones!”, rather than relating to a story plan.


Ordinarily yeah, sure, but at the moment it looks like IDW are stuffing it up and the name change isn’t helping communication.


Yeah, but right now I’ve got:

Last Stand of the Wreckers OHC
Phase 2 OHCs 1-3
Dark Cybertron OHC

If they’re looking to indicate the story chunks, Phase 3 would be a good way of doing that, plus Roberts has indicated post-DC is akin to Season 2 of both books.


Zenescope brings the total to 21, and Previews Text is up.


Well, I was already excited and ready to try the new Star Trek comic from IDW (titled Star Trek: Boldly Go) but after checking out the solicitation for issue 3, I’m even more interested.

Star Trek: Boldly Go #3

Mike Johnson (w) • Tony Shasteen (a) • George Caltsoudas ©

The hit new ongoing STAR TREK series continues as Captain Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Endeavour face an enemy unlike any they’ve faced before… but an enemy all-too-familiar to STAR TREK fans!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Here’s the cover (which I am spoiler tagging in case you don’t want to know who the solicit is talking about).


USS Endeavour? Starfleet aren’t still holding a grudge about Kirk breaking the Enterprise? It was only the second time. Surely he gets three strikes. :wink:

Anyone read the Star Trek Waypoint book? Any good?


Francavilla. The Spirit. That sounds like a match made in Heaven.


It does, though the only Q is over his writing ability - what was The Black Beetle he did like?


I liked it. It was a lot of cool ideas thrown together. And it is very, very beautiful.


Might have to give it a look then. His Zorro work was excellent too.


You can tell it’s a bit a labour of love. It is very pulpy adventure type stuff. So The Spirit seems very much in his wheelhouse.


I started it but got interrupted. I’ll try remember to post a comment when I get back to it.


Great news, but disappointing for us Afterlife With Archie fans. That book was only just getting back to something like a regular shipping schedule.


I have to say I didn’t think much of it, to the extent that I donated my hardback copy to the library. I love Francavilla’s art, but the plot was plodding at best and, worst of all, the dialog wasn’t just trite, but he wrote in what seemed to me to be 21st century idioms, which completely pulled me out of the experience of reading a pulpish noir. It’s a complaint I have with TV/fiction that is trying to be of a period but doesn’t adjust the language, and this was a really egregious example.

The art, though, is amazing.


Has to be said, anyone with any interest in the 30s pulp heroes has to check out the work Matt Wagner has done on that for Dynamite, it’s one hit after another with some great artists, both new and known names.


Did you read his run on The Spirit.
I gave up after two issues. I was really disappointed.


No, because it hasn’t yet been traded, out later this month.

What was the problem for you with it?


Well the concept didn’t grab me (where is The Spirit?) and the moment to moment storytelling fell flat.
It was a great big decompressed arc too, which seems about as far away from the spirit of Eisner’s Spirit as you can get.
Maybe I gave up on the book too early, but it really wasn’t doing anything for me. I’d be interested to hear your review if you grab the trade.