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Damn, now I feel like I should be interested in this.

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more layoffs part 2

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I had decided to drop Black Hammer a little while ago but forgot I preordered the latest trade. It just showed up in my mailbox. I guess I’m back on for one more.


Why did you drop it?


I just lost interest.

I’ve been phasing comics out this year, in general. No reflection of their quality. I’d just rather read books.

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I’m behind on Black Hammer but I’m a little afraid all the spin-offs will derail it. For me, the pastiche backstories/homeworld of the main characters don’t interest me much–they’re not different or imaginative enough like you get in pastiches by say Moore or Ellis–and really only work as brief flashbacks to explain the mental states of the characters in the present. I hope the main book stays independent of them.


Yes, Gar (I believe) recently posted an anecdote from a creator speaking of how a friend had a big indie hit, they advised him to take it slow, and instead he went with a bunch of spinoffs and diluted it. I had a suspicion they were talking about Black Hammer.

None of the spinoffs are bad, exactly, and the Doctor Star one is actually quite good. They don’t feel particularly essential, though.

This is like Lemire is doing his Watchmen and his Before Watchmen simultaneously.


The main book is meandering a bit now too if I’m honest. To the point that I’m now enjoying the spinoffs more than the core series.

I think the spinoffs have been largely pretty good, with Doctor Star being great and the standout among them(and the Cthu-Louise one-shot also being a really good read).

I have found myself falling back to waiting for the sales for some of it though, and I have little interest in the upcoming JLA crossover.


The Black Hammer solution - buy Library editions.


The JLA crossover is a shark jumping moment, to be sure.

I’m buying it digitally in sales now for this very reason. Like most Lemire books I loved it initially and soon found the magic wearing off. I’ve yet to read a book of his where this hasn’t happened.

Gideon Falls is holding up because of Sorrentino’s art, which is my main reason for buying it in the first place.

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Oddly enough given that it isn’t ‘his’, I’ve found his Moon Knight run holds up very well. It’s a tight 14 issues that has a fair amount to say and does so with some style.


Thanks. I keep meaning to pick that up in a sale. I really enjoyed Ellis’ short run on the character. Does Lemire’s follow up on that, or is it a more superheroic take?


It picks up from Ellis in some respects, but it’s a more personal and internal story I would say.


This is very true, I don’t think I’ve ever finished a Lemire book.

Moon Knight being the big exception as Dave mentions.


This is where I’m at with it as well

It’s been too much for me…I’ve started to loose track and to be honest I feel black hammer should have been limited to about 15-25 issues and ironically Royal City should have been a lot longer

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I think Sweet Tooth and Desecender hold up very well for the duration.

Lemire, creator owned at least, is still a must buy creator for me.

I just think my interest in Black Hammer has dwindled a bit, most likely because there’s been quite a lot of it.

I’ll get back to it, I was reading digitally anyway.


I wouldn’t know. I gave up on both after the first TPB :wink:

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