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I just read it and I think it’s plenty spoilery. They talk a lot about plot details. I never read issue 1 though so I’m not the most informed.


Thanks, Ross. I’ll save the interview until after the issue is out.


There are a few spoilers in there, yeah. Difficult to say how spoilery they are without having read #2, but I probably would rather not have known one or two things in advance.

It sounds cool, though.


Thanks, Dave.


Comics shipping on March 25, 2015


The June 2015 Solicitations are up!


I hadn’t heard of this book before the preview. I’ve enjoyed Eric Canete’s work in the past.


Does anyone know what’s happened to the last issue of Annihilator? I have pre-ordered the trade and I would like to know if it’s likely to be delayed because the comic is AWOL or whatever.


No, I’ve been waiting on that too. It’s surprising as the rest of the series has been pretty regular.


Hmm, okay then. Hopefully it just appears at some point then.
Have you been reading it monthly then? What do you think?


Midtown have it down for April 8th:


Ah cool then. Thanks for the info.


I’ve been quite enjoying it, even if it’s a bit overlong and the story covers some very familiar territory for Morrison in terms of ideas. It’s fun enough though, and Irving’s art is spectacular.


Yeah it’s definitely his “master theme” as he himself admits. I thought that the Hollywood angle would put a fresh spin on things though.
Since it’s a Legendary book does it seem plausible to be adapted as a movie later down the line?


I did find the Hollywood bit to be a new angle. I can’t see it being a film though. Like most GM concepts it’s just a bit too obscure. I think if he’s ever going to sell anything it’ll be WE3.


Yeah, I’d be quite interested in seeing James Gunn do it. I’m not sure how though. Would they tone down the violence? How would they increase the length without resorting to mere padding? How can they hope to match the power of Quitely’s storytelling?

I’m still waiting for the Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens film. Or, y’know, the rest of the comic story. Is that project dead now? Did anybody even buy it? I thought it was interesting and it at least came with excerpts of Morrison’s script in the back.


I’m assuming it’s dead, as I’ve heard nothing on it for years.

And yes, I did buy it. It was… not particularly good.


He’s actually got an original project, Sinatoro, that seems to be his most likely film to get made at the moment.


Though that says the comic will be out in April, and there’s no sign of it in Black Mask’s April, May, or June solicitations.


I do wish him luck, the more success comic creators have the better but I do think the things that appeal to his readers on most of his stuff are a bit of a barrier to the film world where making thing oblique and having to fill in gaps are not hugely appealing to studios.

He’s certainly got the ability to present more straightforward narratives though and has done well in the past.