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Ah, not this one. I was confused.


New Lemire:



I take it that story is one page long?


I’m not a huge Deodato fan and don’t usually care for the barbarian in modern setting but this looks pretty good. That cover looks pretty incredible.


The run Lemire is on I’m confident that will be another great book, even if I’m not overly keen on the concept


Same. Lemire has earned that credit now, and I like Deodato’s art.


Open to see the full post:


Man, it’s hard to see why Van Sciver was getting fewer and fewer jobs from Marvel and DC.


I like John Layman and I like Tom Peyer. Who is this Van Screwdriver guy?


Is he of the New York Van Screwdrivers?


Also, this. :wink:


You scoff, but you’ll be the one feeling foolish when a piece falls off your van and he’s not around.



You mis-type Peyer?


Apparently so.

No, wait, it’s been magically corrected!


Has anyone seen/ received copies of Ennis’ Sara in hard copy form yet?


Still waiting on mine from FP


Oh well


The kickstarter for the second volume of Section Zero reached its goal: