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Does this mean Mora is only on Buffy for an arc then as opposed to ongoing artist?

Disappointing if that is the case as he really got the look and feel of that book spot on in issue 1.


Is that just the Deadpool titles or the whole line?


Yep, one thing that is certain is the trades will be smaller and more expensive.


Now up to 29 different company solicits, plus Previews Order Forms.


Yay, new Beasts of Burden!


This seems as good a place as any to post this.

Pasadena, Monday February 25th, 7:00pm. Free!


Boom! Studios brings that up to 30 solicits (for this thread)


Yeah, this is my main concern with having Usagi Yojimbo jumping to IDW - what’s the fate of these Saga editions?


Get 'em quick?

DHC reprinted the Mirage comics as Vols 8-9 I think, but that was because there was no Mirage company to object. There is that Fantagraphics still print Vols 1-7 of Usagi, well they re-issued the special edition 2-volume set as paperback a year or so back, so maybe the companies do get to still issue it with Sakai getting a cut. Would be a canny model in a way, allows him to move around as he sees fit.


Yeah, as Martin suggested I preordered it this afternoon.


8 is definitely still happening. I guess that’s it though. I don’t know why Fantagraphics still have an iron grip over the first Usagi run but I doubt DH will have the same control over their’s. I suspect the tail end of the DH run won’t get collected until IDW get round to colourising it, which is going to take a while (if ever). Which sucks. There’s two digests left of the DH run, so not enough for a full Saga v9.


Or a deal will be reached that everyone gets a cut from.

Vol 8 has been solicited so that’s a lock, but 9 is up in the air. Definitely a shame as the limited run hardbacks were gorgeous, the only one I don’t have of those is Volume 1.




Now up to 38 solicits

Thurs. update: up to 41 solicits for this thread



Another instance of an actor wanting to work:




Joker on Gotham. He’s from Shameless.


I’m not sure he’s all that hard up for work, honestly. He’s been on Shameless for close to a decade and had a very successful recurring role on Gotham at the same time.


He just quit Shameless a few months ago only to announce he’s coming back half a season later (presumably with more money, but still).