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Tom Grummett is such an underrated artist. His art has energy and movement.


I really dig his art style. Section Zero 1959 looks fantastic! He’s a really nice guy too.

He lives about 2 hours north of where I live. He has done a few comic conventions around here when I was younger. I remember he did one shortly after the death of Superman where I got him to sign some Doomsday stuff and Superman 500.

I remember this day vividly because I had just broken my hand on a 28 year old’s jaw (I was 13 at the time). I decked my older sister’s boyfriend because he pushed me off some steps, and broke 3 bones in my hand. I didn’t want to miss the comic convention though so I wrapped it in a tensor bandage and went to the convention first. Then, once I got all my goodies, I went to the hospital to get a cast put on. Totally worth it.




He’s awesome. He was the artist on Robin and Superboy at the same time, for a while back in the 1990’s. I was in fanboy heaven. Really amazed that he didn’t become more popular than he has.





One thing I think I should admit is I should chime in a bit more on this thread, but then I would have to admit my “To Read” pile is past scary.

But this board’s recommendations carries a lot of weight with me, more than anywhere else on the 'net.
Those that contribute here should be thanked.
It does not go unnoticed.

Anyways, I just got an e-mail from (Canada)

We’re sorry to report the release of the following item has been cancelled:

Liu, Marjorie "Monstress Book One"

Although we’d expected to be able to send this item to you, we’ve since found it won’t be released after all. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience we’ve caused you.
We’ve cancelled this item from your order.
Your order is now closed.

Sure enough the solicit is “currently unavailable” but seems to be the only one.

The solicit has it being released July 9th,
as does and

What gives?



What sometimes happens on these OHCs, Black Magic is an example, the date keeps getting bumped. In response some booksellers will prefer to cancel the order because they have no new date.

Equally, weird stuff happens from time to time. We should get confirmation of it being set in either the April or May solicits as the big OHCs tend to be advance solicited by a month or two.

Have to reply on a couple of your other points:

Join da club.

Awww, thank you.


Image solicits for May

Dark Horse for May

Solicitations for May 2019 (w/Previews Text)

From Ed Brubaker’s latest email:

Have you been keeping up with comics news the last few years? What are your thoughts on the state of the market right now?

I normally avoid questions like this, because my comics career now is doing one or two comics regularly, neither of them for Marvel or DC, so depending on what you think of as “the comics market” I may or may not be part of it. But yeah, I have been following the news about the state of the market because obviously I love comics, and I know it’s been harder for a lot of the retailers the past few years.

DC has announced they’re trimming their line way back, which I actually see as good news. In my opinion, the biggest problem in the industry the past few decades has been publishers over-saturating the market and pushing their own readers away. It’s been an ongoing problem with comics since the 80s or 90s, really, but now it seems like it’s reached the breaking point and publishers might actually be starting to listen. But I remember a call from a publisher about eight or ten years ago who had just launched a licensed comic to huge success, and his first thought was to flood the market around it with spinoffs, to cash in quick. My advice was not to do that, to just focus on the one successful book and try to nurture that audience. I mean, this is really obvious stuff. Instead, they pumped out a half-dozen spinoffs no one wanted, and killed interest in the character within six months.

That’s the industry in a nutshell, and it’s only been getting worse the past ten years - since Disney and Warners got involved. So my hope is that the market is finally forcing them to stop the flood, because from what I hear, many stores have decided to curate what they stock more than ever (the shop I go to probably doesn’t even carry 20 DC comics on the shelves anymore). We’ll see how it goes, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed, and me and Sean have renewed our contract for another five years at Image, so we will be continuing to put out our books no matter what.

I did not realize DC was trimming their line.


Seriously, it feels like they’re adding to their line to try to get all of my money especially the Superman books.


I just skim through the DC section of Previews and it doesn’t feel like and significant reduction in titles is happening.

It could be the cancellations are coming and Ed got wind of it.


DC have gone to mini series on a lot of books, a switch I’ve noticed recently

Also. I think we will see all of the Age of Heroes books cancelled soon

They have streamlined green lantern to 1 title, when it was previously 4, there’s less bat books out now as well.

I think Justice League Dark is allowing them to have a bunch of characters in the one comic, which seems the way forward for me. So no Constantine or swamp thing ongoings.

I feel like they publish a lot less titles than marvel and have a far greater quality control than marvel also.

That’s maybe my natural bias but I think a quick look at the writers and artists on DC’s books just now, and on their upcoming books, is vastly superior to the Marvel stable.

I find marvel previews stressful compared to DC


A quick check for May gives 56 titles
This is including
All ongoings
All mini series
All anuals
All events
All specials
All other lines including the wild storm stuff, young justice, kids books like scooby doo and teen titans go

It doesn’t include double shipped titles

That’s a lot less than what dc were publishing previously. In the new 52 they had 52 ongoings I’m sure. Not counting anything else like minis, Vertigo etc


I agree with brubaker, the whole market could do with reducing the number of their titles

This applies especially to Image and Marvel

Image are just chucking any old shit out there just now. Their gems are becoming harder and harder to spot and personally I’m getting less and less likely to pick them up and try their new books.


What is the title count for Marvel? How do they compare quantity-wise?


At my count, 76 titles - that’s not including double to quadruple shipping titles, of which they have quite a bit more of than dc from what I could see


Pretty certain Bryan Hibbs has been arguing for less books for years too.