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Wasn’t that during “the distribution wars” after Marvel bought Heroes World? Jeff Smith’s Bone joined Image following that move then too.


Bone eventually went to Scholastic and killed it there as a staple in school book fairs and children’s book departments.


I don’t know of it it was related, the dates suggest not as Heroes World was bought in 1994 and the Image move was 1996 when they had nearly collapsed. Jim Lee invited him to move the book to Homage because he was a fan. I remember Moore writing later he just preferred doing it himself.

I think it was the case with Bone it was earlier and the reason given was to retain its place in catalogues.

Scholastic have their own kind of unique way of working. They effectively license specific editions to sell primarily through their book clubs but also in shops, so all the time they have been selling Bone, Smith has also been selling it through Cartoon Books in different editions. As far as I know they are the only company that does that as usually a publishing deal means exclusive rights.

It has sold bucketloads though as you say. I bought a copy for my nice a good 8 years or so back and it boasted over 3 million copies sold on the cover.



I used to see kids show up with copies of Bone different places all the time. It blew my mind that an independent comic was getting more reach than any Big 2 mainstream book.


It’s the same with Raina Telgemeier’s stuff. She sells more copies of a single book than a significant percentage of Marvel and DC’s output combined.



My comics boxes are littered with various Ellis series that paused “temporarily” and are still waiting for completion.

On the other hand, I liked Trees.


This is an interesting article:

Better hang onto that original artwork.


Is the answer “Bill Maher”?


Never did hear what he had to say about Stan Lee and fanboys.


He basically just thinks comics are silly and only for children. He thinks we need to grow up. He is no fun at all.





He’s done a few Marvel series, like Nighthawk and a bunch of Luke Cage stuff. He’s co-writer on Bendis’s Naomi too.


Oh okay. I know of his work, just not his name apparently.


I’m currently reading Walker’s BITTER ROOT at Image.

It’s good, but not great.



Section Zero launches a new kickstarter for a second volume: