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I still find it odd that Disney license out so much of their comic content despite owning Marvel, a comic publishing company, to competitors of that company. Some of what they have licensed is even Marvel work, mostly all-ages stuff. At the same time, they license other characters like Conan to make comics at Marvel. I’d be curious to see their business strategy behind all of this or if it’s just a matter of the right hand not talking to the left (or possibly purposefully trying to undermine the left).


I think there’s maybe some strategy to be seen there and I think it’s that they don’t see Marvel as a good provider of all ages content. Star Wars was rushed back there quite aggressively which fits into what they are publishing anyway in tone and target audience. Boys adventure comics at PG level.

I think they may be right. I read them with the kids so can see they have put out a lot of decent quality kids comics (Paul Tobin’s work is very good) over the last 15 years under a continually rebranded set of names but they fall so far under the radar most here don’t even know they exist.

IDW do My Little Pony and it sets off 150,000 issues sold and jokes about Bronies but whatever we thought of it we all knew about it.


I wonder if distribution channels play a part too. Though Disney has it’s own publishing distribution channels that they use for bookstores and other places instead of Diamond. I think Marvel had made that change even before the buyout too.


“IDW Media Holdings Chairman Howard Jonas has loaned the company a total of $28 million as of December 18 to fund production and operating costs…”

" IDW listed a number of projects that necessitated the borrowing:

  • IDWE is experiencing cost overruns on production of Netflix series October Faction , and planned bank financing has been delayed. And because the project is being released later in other territories, “the project lacks additional revenue streams.”
  • IDWE is self-financing production of Wynonna Earp Seasons 4 and 5 and is trying to sell foreign rights, as the Syfy deal only covers half the production costs.
  • V-Wars may need additional post-production funding before it drops in early 2019.
  • IDWE spent $13.6 million financing the pilot for the Hulu Locke & Key series, which was not greenlit. Some of those expenses will not be recouped in the deal for Netflix to pick up the show."


An interesting bit from Layman:


New Asterix album in October


Great. I only just picked up the last couple of new ones and haven’t read them yet - this is a good impetus to do so.


I just read this mini. I generally like the majority of the IDW Star Wars line and this is fine. Nothing amazing but some nice art. It even has a story by Kelly Jones who draws a vampire-mynock bitten Dooku throwing down with Kenobi.


The Ewok story was also surprisingly fun…


Yeah i think that was my favourite.




Just got a care package in from HANGMAN COMICS!

Monsterella Summer Special (signed by Nevin Arnold)
Monsterella #2 (signed)
Monsterella Summer Special “ruff and uncut” Ashcan (signed by Nevin Arnold)
Print, mini-prints, trading cards, stickers, a personal message which made me warm and fuzzy


Nice bit of loot there!


Sure is! Yeah this is sweet stuff.
Do not expect high end artists, but the Black And White interiors are sweet and tongue-in-cheeck and you can tell this is a project of love.




My favourite bit of this is ‘great news for readers inside’. This is the final issue and that message in UK comics of the 70s and 80s was always hiding that it was being cancelled and merged with another comic.


This is the end…


That is wonderful. The latest LoEG series has been a delight, a real return to form, so I’ll be sad to see it all come to an end.