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What an eye catching cover!


I don’t know where not to look.


The placement of the Y in Unholy being particularly impressive!


Nice to see some ruthlessly practical costumes in comics for once.


30 issues seems about right for Paper Girls.

My assumption is that this was a planned end date.

After a sticky start with the book, I persevered because of the creative team, and went on to mostly enjoy it.

It does have that slight ‘making it up as you go along’ feel about it that is detrimental to Saga, in my opinion. But when it stays focussed it’s good most of the time.


That’s every BKV book ever. Whether he plans in detail or not I don’t know, I doubt it, his books all meander. They are really character over plot. The time travel and hints in Paper Girls though suggest he might but I haven’t read it back to suss it all out.

Plot and concept first? You have Hickman and Ellis.


How great was Pride of Baghdad, though? Even in a tight miniseries like that, you can see the heavy focus on character.


Ex Machina is the series where he really balanced it perfectly I think. I’m still rereading my way through the omnibus I got earlier in the year, but that book managed to put the focus on the characters while still having nice tight little individual arcs that were varied and interesting, as well as an intriguing big picture that gradually moved forwards.


Perhaps. Y was more restrained than those two and most of the ideas worked. Saga feels a bit like he could do with an editor, as a lot of the ideas are just shit. Like the rocket ship forest.

I think Ex Machina was well structured.


It was actually an original graphic novel, which probably explains better why it was so tight. But I agree with what you are saying.


Yeah I think the structure of Ex Machina was a big part of why it was so good.

I love Y so much but the recent (ish) re read of Ex Machina really elevated it to one of the best series ive read and probably his best work, although it is close for me between that and Y.

I keep saying it but I need to get back to Saga.


Damn, of course. For some reason I thought that it was a mini. Oh well, it’s a great book.

Here is where we disagree though. One of the best things about Saga is that it feels like anything can happen (probably contributes to your feeling that BKV is making it up as he goes along). During the story, a lot of rules are set up, and subsequently broken. For a story about a cross-species love during a time of war, that seems like a good way to tell it.


I don’t think so. Y goes off on tangents all the way through. It wraps up nicely but you could tell the same core story and cut out 30 issues. It may be something that looks better when all done than while in progress.

I would add that none of it matters a jot to me, Y was top of my reading pile when it came out and Saga is now. I’m also a huge fan of Strangers in Paradise which is the world champion meandering story series.


Yeah, I feel the same way about Saga.

There is an unpredictability about it, and I think that’s on purpose and it works for the book. It’s a bit more random and because of that, a little bit more like actual life.


Just with tv head aliens. Or do you have those in Germany?


Ordered Jeff Lemire’s BLACK HAMMER based on the reviews. Sounds interesting. Wish Dark Horse would seriously revive its old hero line.


Nah, over here the government just uses our TV sets to control our thoughts when we sleep, just like everywhere else.



I’ve been wondering about how to read Valiant. especially with the comixology sale on. There seems to be some wider story being told. Are there some things I need to read for stories to make sense?


This page has a decent reading order, including inside crossovers:

Generally, there are threads inside the various titles that continue from book to book. So the story that begins in Harbinger continues in Harbinger: Omegas, then into Imperium, for example.