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The Solicitations for March 2019 thread is up and running with:

AC Comics, Antarctic, Archie, Hero Tomorrow, Scout and Yen Press

Unknown when Image will come.
(Diamond asked for later solicit releases.)

Solicitations for March 2019 (w/Previews Text)


It’ll be interesting to see how this goes. The character art is all based on the new toys, and given Hasbro’s current thing is to do a “trilogy” of 12-18 month long toylines that are linked together, they could be planning to do comics that directly connect to those lines.


Is it just me, or do Optimus and Megatron look especially bro-ish here?


“Fuck yeah, we’re robots in disguise! Suck our hex nuts, bitches!”


The Aligned continuity and the IDWverse both had Prime and Megatron being friends before the war, so presumably that’s continuing here.



I’ve written a JUDGE DEATH story - ‘The Judge Who Laughs.’ - Rob Williams.

Fair play for the piss take that the Batman: Metal bad guys are clearly rip offs of Bolland’s Dark Judges even though Williams works for DC too.


DC should respond with a ‘Judge Joker’ one-shot about a permanently-grinning figure of evil with a weird green discolouration who yo-yos between being a genuinely sinister deadly menace and a more harmless figure of fun. :slight_smile:





As if raised from the dead!


That Black Magick HC is going to be worth picking up too.


have added Alterna, Aspen, Boom! Studios, Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW, Image, Valiant, and Vault

also added PreviewsWorld Order Forms


Paper Girls ending at #30 means 3 nice OHCs - I’m more inclined to revisiting the series via that route now I know it’s finite.

Been waiting some time for that.

EDIT: If it wasn’t already on the hitlist, this’d sell me it:

Collects BLACK MAGICK #1-11, plus additional content, artifacts, and backmatter designed by ERIC TRAUTMANN