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I feel like Aliens is the odd duck out.
It’s too much of an action movie.

Alien 3 makes some bold moves, and it isn’t a well-crafted movie due to all of the production troubles…but it definitely tries its best and the tethers to the original are pretty solid.



My thoughts on Aliens align roughly with Tom’s. It’s an awesome movie and I love it but it does feel like the franchise outlier.

I don’t know what the hell Ronnie is smoking.


Miqque sent me an early Christmas present. :wink:

Truly and honestly, I think what really sells the Alien franchise is more the idea than anything else. So whichever film you see first, is more likely to look better. Everything else is a rehash with some other bits glued on. I will admit it still didn’t stick the ending but I thought the rest of the film was pretty great.


To be fair - if we are calling Alien 3 an outlier movie - Ridley Scott, who made the original Alien, also made Prometheus and Alien Covenant. :slight_smile:


I saw Prometheus first. :laughing:
Covenant is possibly my favourite though. Aliens is my favourite of the original set.


I still say that the fan-edit that mashed Prometheus and Covenant together is one of the best movies in the series.


Both of which were excellent, along with Blade Runner, The Martian, Gladiator and Thelma & Louise.


All Alien movies are good. Even the worst ones are good.


Did you see Alien Resurrection?


Oh yeah, that was good.


Has anyone been reading Pearl by Bendis and Gaydos.

I ask because I’ve read the first 3 issues of Cover by Bendis and Mack and it really is tremendous.

It’s inspired me to go back to Scarlett and check Pearl out. Also read in the back matter of Cover that Pearl has been so well received that they are going to do at least another 12 issues.


Scarlett has taken an interesting turn over the last couple of issues. It’s worth a look. I’m waiting on digital sales for the rest of the new series.


Are you including Alien vs. Predator in this?



I’m reading all the new Jinx world books.

Scarlet is certainly moving fast burning through a few ideas - I expected a slow burner.
US vs Murder Inc seems to be similar, taking a set up and burning it down over an arch. Be interested if its sustainable, or meant to be,

Pearl is interesting, probably more interesting than others and one that might really look better in print than on the iPad. I don’t quite know what story it’s trying to tell, its messy. It is interesting though

Cover. Hmm well I’m not that interested in comic books about comic writers. I do trust Bendis to know that the story is the thing, but it seems most likely to disappear up itself. it has the mess that the Iron Man run had. But og the set its the most likely one I will drop.

ChrisS what sets it apart for you?


I do find it interesting that Dark Horse is adapting Gibson’s script because when I read it those many years ago (one of the first things I tracked down when I got internet access) one thing that stuck out was how it acts as a bridge between Aliens and the Dark Horse Aliens comics, especially volumes 1, 2, and “Earth War.”

I have always found the early Dark Horse Aliens comics to be more interesting than the Fox sequels.


I like the story and love the execution

Focussing it on an artist has allowed Mack to do his thing.

I love how he brought in Sienkiewicz to do 3 pages when it was showing the other artist’s pages.
I also like how it’s given some insight into Cons etc


What blows me away about Bill is that not only is he an incredible artist, he’s also blazing fast. A couple hours to knock out a homage portrait? No problem. Fill in a couple pages and show how to tell the story? No problem. And still a darned nice fellow!


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