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Things keep trickling in (like Dark Horse and Avatar)
Total is up to 33

Thurs. edit: up to 35





that’s too bad. I miss Millar’s promotional style. I remember when every new book he put out he would call it “the best book in the world” and the greatest thing he had ever done.:grin:


Clearly you’re not following his Twitter feed.


Yea, I have really cut back on my Twitter reading. Nice to know he is still out there promoting himself and his books.


I am not a Tweeter Man. I do miss Mark showing up occasionally. Oh well, he doesn’t love us any more.



As Jim says he’s still doing it and replies amusingly when people ask how every new series is the best ever made. :joy:


Has anyone been reading William Gibson’s Alien? I am so curious about this title. I love Gibson’s books. Surely this has to be good?


I’ve read the screenplay and it’s… different. Gibson tells a decent story but he doesn’t necessarily get how the aliens work. It’s thematically closer to Aliens than the actual Alien3, which might be an upvote depending on how much you liked the two movies.

I assume the comic hews close to it, I’ll probably pick up the trade because I am a whore for Gibson and enjoyed Archangel.


Truly and honestly not trying to be controversial at all but Alien 3 is probably my favorite of the ones I’ve seen.


I love the workprint, am fewer fond of the theatrical cut.


Yeah, I really liked Archangel as well. I am a big Gibson fan. I don’t think I’ve been disappointed yet.


I think it was because I saw it first and didn’t see Alien or Aliens until later. So I had already experienced a lot of the genuinely great ideas tied to the series. The end leaves a bit to be desired but other than that I think it’s a pretty good film.

I’m a huge Gibson fan too. I wasn’t as enamored with Archangel (and to be honest didn’t particularly care for his last book Peripheral) but I’ll likely give this a shot in trade too.


Ive read and really enjoyed the first issue


I genuinely like Alien 3 well enough as a film, but as a piece of the mythology it stinks. But, then so does every other subsequent instalment to varying degrees.


I find Alien 3 is, in and of itself, a very good movie. It’s tense, the acting is good, and Fincher is rocking it.

But it’s a terrible third entry in the “Alien” franchise.


I can see that. It was my first. To me, the previous two were disappointing and didn’t live up to the hype.