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Who gives a shit what bleeding cool and RJbhave to say?


I was just wondering why nobody, including Mark, was talking about his new book. I didn’t know if people care about the Millarworld line.

Speaking of, does anyone know what’s happening with The Magic Order? It’s been a few months since the last issue.


Issue #4 of The Magic Order came out at the beginning of October didn’t it?


Issue #5 seems to be due 12 December.


According to Comixology dates:

Magic Order #1 - 13 June 2018
#2 - 18 July 2018
#3 -15 August 2018
#4 - 3 October
#5 - Due 12 Dec

So it seems to have fallen into a somewhat bimonthly pattern but I think Paul must have missed a copy to perceive a ‘few months’.


Did you see the PR launch for Magic Order? The books launches are in Netflix hands now (it seems everyone forgets Mark moved from a single man operation to one of the biggest media companies on the planet). They’ll have a whole marketing and media plan for the property, but it’s not like the money from the comics amounts to a hill of beans for Netflix. They’re really going to start kicking in the marketing when these properties get developed.


Sure, but Netflix are terrible at marketing things. Aside from their biggest shows, most people have never heard of 80% of their original stuff, especially their movies.


Looks like the problem is a trademark breach with the title.


That’s a real shame because McCrea has clearly put a ton of effort into this


It is but hopefully if is just a legal thing they’ll release again under a new name. I guess we’ll see as the story develops.


I’m surprised they didn’t do a trademark search before releasing the book. I thought that was standard practice.


I’m selling my copies of DEAD RABBIT #1 and #2 for $10,000 each. Any takers? The price is only going to go up!


They a) didn’t want to pay for it, b) screwed up the search, c) thought it was public domain or d) thought they’d be fine and went ahead with preorders to get the money flowing.

Checking the trademark seems to be one of the very last things done with new books. It’s amzing having a book being called one thing for a year, be about ready to go to press and then scrambling for another name that you need to pick in an hour.


The recall happened just when I was going to pick up #2 physically too.

At least I have #1. Saw that going for 75 bucks yesterday.



If so I’m punting mine




I know there’s a lot of comixology sales on just now, but just to point out that there’s a Black Crown sale (Shelly Bond’s line) on comixology just now.

Highly recommend Kid Lobotomy by Pete Milligan and the criminally uncelebrated Tess Fowler.
It’s very much a 90s Milligan book, and Fowler is a great find.
I’m hoping for a second volume but not heard anything so think the sales must have been low.


Found these on sale for 90% off at my LCS. Going to read them to see if they might be something my niece would like.


I’ve love series.


So pumped for this. Blankets is one of my all time favorites. Though I’m not real sure where to get a hold of it as the publisher seems to be rather small.

Also, never realize that ginseng could be cultivated. Most the of the people I knew who dug it searched for it in the wild.