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Was the digital release of that one misprinted issue ever corrected?


The one that reprinted in full the same strip as the previous month? I wouldn’t have thought so as then it would leave the print and digital versions completely out of sync.


All the Black Hammer comics are on my pull list. I have bought them all, but haven’t read any since they have been branching off to other characters. I guess should catch up. Royal City is my favorite of his, although I don’t know if that is as movie friendly. In any case, I would love to see any of his stuff on the screen.


It could be but just a very different beast. It would fit in fine in Sundance with other low budget stories of that ilk. If they are making Essex County then it’s on the same lines.


Yes, I one hundred percent agree with that - although, there are long subtle shifts and revelations in characters that would be difficult to pull off in the two hour movie span. Like Essex County, it may be better as a show, but that aside, I agree… I am definitely looking forward to what happens with Essex County.


The Solicitations for February 2019 thread is up and running with:

AC Comics, AfterShock, Archie, Lion Forge, and Moonstone

More tomorrow (expect Image), plus a whack on Wednesday.



WRITER: Mark Millar
ARTIST: Simone Bianchi

FEBRUARY 20 / 32 pages / FC/ – / $3.99


You’re all going to love it. :wink:


Holy shit. IDW is actually putting out a GoBots comic. Maybe now they can do that Transformers crossover that @Lorcan_Nagle has always dreamed about.


It’s my pick of the week.


Have added Boom! Studios, Image, and Valiant

Wed. edit: added a bunch more bringing the total for this thread to 29
plus there’s PreviewsWorld Order Forms


So I asked around. It turns out that Entertainment Weekly have arranged an official release of information, a PR embargo and – despite all this information being available on Diamond’s website – no other website in the US are running anything without an embargoed press release. Mark Millar doesn’t do Bleeding Cool – possibly as a result of the coverage we gave his previous launches – and so we just blundered ahead and reported it as news. Which it is.

An embargo on information about a series that’s already been solicited is silly.




I mean, it exists and we all know it.

And it won’t be out for ages so…this is a weird stance


I suppose by now there are a lot of people who will pre-order any MillarWorld series strictly based on who is writing it. I don’t see a similar information embargo working for many other creators, though.


Press embargoes are a two-way thing. You tend to stick to them if you want to enjoy continued co-operation from the person imposing the embargo.

It’s a mutually-beneficial situation that allows PR to co-ordinate promotional pushes (or restrict date-sensitive information that isn’t mean to be made public for some other reason) and allows media to prepare detailed coverage of a story that can be run the minute it breaks.

Obviously Bleedingcool don’t care about any of that as they burned those bridges a long time ago.

Also, far be it from me to suggest that Bleedingcool is enjoying the smell of its own farts, but loads of other sites have covered the series too - presumably non-English-language sites that either haven’t been offered or haven’t accepted the embargoed content.

And Image has details freely available on its own website.

Obviously other sites are basing their coverage around more detailed coverage that they know they will have on the way soon, once the embargo lifts. They could report it now, but then they’d be breaking an agreed embargo and wouldn’t get that kind of access in future.

It’s pretty basic stuff that Bleedingcool seems to be trying to spin in its own favour.


This is all made up bullshit by Rich because he’s a muckraking shitlord. None of it is true. Bleeding Cool is not a news site.


Possibly that’s the real reason why MW doesn’t engage with his website. :smile:


I’m just glad Mark is working with Simone.


Know what? That Sharkey solicit from out of nowhere was the first time in ages I’ve been positively surprised!