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It works better in the app and if you follow them, it would come out sequentially unless you went long swaths without checking or the posted multiple times a day.



“I tend to come across as a Labrador of a human, but scratch that surface and I’m as misanthropic as the next writer,”

I read Wicked and Divine, GILLEN!



B.P.R.D. The Devil You Know #6-10 (B.P.R.D. #153-157) feature the return of Hellboy to the Bureau, and his reunion with Liz and Abe. If that wasn’t enough, we get pretty big moments for Howards and Strode too, with a few jaw dropping surprises along the way. This is definitely not for the newbie, but for those of you who have been around since the beginning … things are getting epic!

Scott Allie is still not the writer that Arcudi was or Roberson is, on these books. I find his work really difficult to engage with. There are still lots of moments that disrupt the flow of the story.

Artwork is by Sebastian Fiumara for three issues, and then the amazing Laurence Campbell for the last two. No complaints about how this looks!

Only five more issues to go.


I asked a few weeks back if anyone had read Abbott published by Boom.

I picked up the first issue there in a comixology sale and it is outstanding.

Good dialogue, great character, great idea.
It centres on a black journalist in Detroit, 1972 - Elena Abbot. She’s reporting the truth while tensions are running high in Detroit, something that sometimes feels like it doesn’t exist today, with the traditional media and social media completely agenda driven.
This on its own would have made it a worthwhile read, but there’s indication of supernatural elements as well.

It’s very relevant in the current climate, probably very relevant any time to be honest.

I feel like there’s some influence from the Wire here, particularly in tone and how the characters talk.

It’s written by Saladin Ahmed, I know there as some fans of his Black Bolt series on here.
Really clever comic but also a very enjoyable read.

I’ll definitely be picking up the first trade next time I see it.



Lemire has done such a good job building the Black Hammer Universe. This is such great news for him and Ormston.


Interesting to read he’s a year ahead on the writing too. I like his comment that he’s prolific as he enjoys it and would be doing it anyway even if he weren’t being paid.




I guess I’ll be taking the day off on March 23rd 2019. You know, so I can attend the parade.


You laugh now, but start a Facebook page and let’s make this thing happen!

15 feet long Hellboy, Abe, and Ashtaroth balloons.


Issue #17 has been referred to as the penultimate issue in the latest Avatar solicits for February.



18 issues is probably a decent run all things considered


I agree. It feels like it’s about time for it to wrap up now.


Nice, so there should be a collection sometime during 2019.


It’s Avatar so you never know. They still haven’t put out a complete Providence, although they at least did the three separate collections for that.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they did a separate slim TPB for each strip, rather than collecting all the content from all 18 issues together.


To be honest, I am expecting a separate tpb for the Moore/O’Neill strip alone.


A Code Pru collection that also includes the two full lead-in issues would be great too.