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From Lark on Lazarus:


So the answer is no.


Image has actually made improvements in the last year regarding solicited books running books. They currently have only two series (Copperhead, Seven to Eternity) that are more than one month behind schedule.

What is more common now is that there are longer gaps during which no new issue is solicited for an ongoing series. Low #19 came out in August 2017, and #20 is scheduled for release in November 2018; similarly, Monstress #18 was released in July 2018, and #19 is solicited for January 2019.


To be fair Monstress was one of those that announced the hiatus in the letters page and had it planned and communicated.

Low, not so much.


Well, and Lazarus and Black Magick. :grinning:


Dark Horse have their fair share of books with erratic release schedules.


I know what Jerry is saying with ‘solicited’ books. I checked Image’s website with most of these entries and there is no Lazarus or Black Magick solicited but it is really a technicality more relevant to retailers. The book you want to read is still really late.


Not sure when Black Magick is going to be continued (it will be); but through today Nicola has original art for sale, on sale at 13% off. Hurry up! (Talk to Kate Kane on the Nicola Scott Art page on Facebook.)


So Cool! Friend Drew Edwards (late of this parish, still mentioned) won an award from the Austin Chronicle as Austin’s Best Comics Creator, Well done! (Mind, he has three titles out this month, the Bat City Special and Halloween Man: Hallowtide Parts 1 and 2. Also on Comixology.)

And that pimping should get me into the barbeque!



Interesting. I moved to buying from comixology as it seemed to work out cheaper than image directly about 9 months ago, perhaps everyone did?


I suspect so. It’s just too much faff to use different apps and platforms for each publisher. That kind of creates monopoly I know but there you are.


This looks like an interesting use of Instagram.


I saw that a few days ago. Now I’m not an instagram user really but to me it just seemed 6 random unconnected panels and not exactly a great reading experience.


Did you scroll through each entry?


I just see 6 panels. It seems to red from the last one backwards as that’s the title.

Maybe it works better in an app as I’m viewing on PC and I don’t see a scrolling option.


I’m not on my computer right now. So I can’t check right now but there should be some white arrows that appear when you hover over the picture or some dots at the bottom that indicate multiple pictures in each post.

I assume you have to start with the earliest post and it will progress with time.


Starts here:

There’s three panels in that strip, but you need to click through to Instagram to see the other two.

Instagram’s algorithm has posts show up seemingly completely at random, so isn’t a great way to post a sequential story.


Okay I’ve got the hang of it now and can follow the narrative but it isn’t that intuitive to read from the last entry and then move up. We shall have to see how it works for them.


Yeah, it’s not that intuitive, as you need to click left-to-right to follow the panels for each strip, then go right-to-left to get to the next strip posted.