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I just heard the sad news that Anthea Bell has died.

It’s no exaggeration to say that she was one of the comics writers that had the biggest influence on me as a kid, particularly when it came to her humour and wordplay. Such a great translator.



Reading Rat Queens while on cold medicine makes things very Interesting. YEA BETTY! Daniel, Dragon God of Candy


Now up to 33 solicits

Tues. edit: up to 36 solicits

Wed. edit: now it’s 39 solicits

Thurs. edit: 41



Garth Ennis’ World Of Tanks: Citadel #1-5 was another brilliant war story. This time centred around two opposing tank crews; one Russian and one German, during the final months of Hitler’s futile Russian campaign. The inevitable confrontation between the two crews was heart breaking, as you wanted neither to come off worse for wear. P. J. Holden was on art, and did a great job throughout. I’ve never been a huge fan of his, but he has certainly developed into a competent story teller, with a style that looks a lot like Russ Braun’s or Kevin Walker’s. Definitely recommend this one, folks.



Have Black Magick and Lazarus been discontinued at this point?


Black Magick is just on ‘hiatus’ I think. Not sure about Lazarus.


Lazarus has switched to double sized quarterly but I think under that schedule one should be out by now and I don’t see a solicit.

Nothing has been discontinued though that I’ve heard of, just Image comics being really late, which isn’t rare.


I looked on Images site and the last issue came out in March.


That’s not too bad as far as Image delays go. :slight_smile:

The most recent interview with Scott that I can find (from ComicsBeat in May) still talks about the book as an ongoing “passion project”, which I guess is code for “there’s more coming, we just don’t know when yet”.

I imagine it’ll show up with the next issues of Trees and Injection.


Reading Ellis’s weekly email, he is working on them but that man has so much on his plate along with a case of the flu, I’m surprised he’s not dead yet.


I’m only joking really, I’ve long been happy to get Ellis books as and when they appear.

And I can’t moan, we got a new Wild Storm this week.


…and Southern Bastards or any Hickman Image book.

I’m not really sensitive to delays in books. Paul pointed out the other day I hadn’t even noticed Monstress went on a few months hiatus. However I think it really does harm the momentum of a lot of Image titles where they seem to enter this limbo point you aren’t even sure they’re still being published. It has damaged the massive momentum they had a few years back when the line started taking significant market share.

Chew had it right with the admission they could do 9 a year and stuck to that, I’d be fine with bimonthly or even quarterly books if that’s all they can manage realistically but I think books do suffer when they are out of sight and mind for very long periods. Something like ‘SEX’ said they’d switch to OGN format, which is also fine with me, but that was very nearly 2 years ago now and nothing’s appeared.


And the truth is, with most of these books we’re talking about, I’m already waiting and picking them up either in trade or Comixology sales when it’s convenient, rather than champing at the bit to have them straight away on release day.

Like you say, it’s just nice to have a bit of reassurance every now and again that they haven’t fallen off the schedule altogether, with posts like Rory’s questioning whether they’re even still going.

At least these days it feels like there’s an effort by most creative teams to work to schedule these breaks for a natural point in the story, rather than leaving you hanging mid-flow for months or years.


I think there is also the difference is a delay between arcs versus a delay between issues in an arc.

For the most part, a delay between arcs is planned and can be expected for ever how long it may be.

I find it more irritating when you get 2-3 issues of a series then there’s a delay for the next issue. Then that issue finally arrives and there’s a delay for next issue. It really breaks the momentum of a book.


I think it was a few years ago that Image started their policy of a new book needing to have a certain number of issues in the can before it launched (three or four, was it?). I think it was a good idea as delays that early on can kill momentum on a book entirely.

Millar announced around the same time the idea of having all the art for MW minis completed ahead of launch, which for the most part seems to have worked well.

I don’t know if Image have a requirement on subsequent arcs that a certain amount has to be complete before the issues for that arc are solicited (I would guess not), but either way a lot of creators seem to be working to that model anyway: make sure that each arc can come out in a timely fashion, even if there are gaps between arcs.


Yup as I said the Chew model that others like Saga copied is fine. We’ll take 3 months off, with a trade in the middle.

It’s the indeterminate stuff with poor communication that’s the big problem. Southern Bastards is a book I love but we have issues in Jan 2017, Aug 2017, Sept 2017 (ooh it’s monthly), Jan 2018, May 2018 then nothing since.


It’s a nice idea but I don’t think anything’s really improved but become worse.

You get the first 3 issues in a timely fashion and then it can just go off the rails worse than before. 6 or 7 years back when Image was making those strides not all came out on time but there seemed an element of self discipline. We’re naming many books here where we have no idea of the scheduling. They are also mostly the big name books - Ellis, Rucka, Hickman, Aaron etc.

Saga announcing a year hiatus is fine, and they did cut off at a specific arc ending, a lot of the others are just all over the shop. Sex and Lazarus announced different schedules that were supposedly more realistic but have missed them badly with nothing appearing on Image’s site to say anything is due to be released.