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I’m probably going to need to switch back to single issues for Criminal.

Don’t get me wrong it’s great when the trade finally arrives but im chomping at the bit for more Criminal.

Double dip it is.


Yeah. Plus I like the Lawless stuff a lot. I trust whatever they’ve got planned is going to hit the spot. I can’t think of a time a Brubaker and Phillips book didn’t. For me they now go down in history with the likes of Stan & Jack and Wagner & Ezquerra as far as creative duos are concerned.


I am the opposite.
I’ve severely disliked their last three series. Just complete duds.
Having tired of Lawless in general, might sit this arc out until something catches my eye.
I’ve missed Criminal and I don’t want to drop one of my favorite crime comics entirely.




What?!? Tom is sharing a controversial opinion on a much loved work? :wink:


Shocking I know.
But really - their original Criminal works were brilliant.
Just amazing stuff.

I have some hope due to that. Some.


In a non-Criminal Image comment…is Stray Bullets ever going to move on from Sunshine & Roses (or at least give me a collection so I can read it someday)?


What were the last three series? Kill or Be Killed and what else?


Fatale and The Fade Out, probably?


Lapham says it’s ending soon. I’m thinking (hoping) it ends with 45 then.
The latest solicit shows Joey in Rose’s car heading out to the desert - so, we’re really close to the end.

Spot on.
So bad.


The Solicitations for January 2019 thread is up and running with:

AC Comics, AfterShock, Archie and Image


Fair enough. This is all so subjective, obviously. I thought Fatale was one of the best things the pair have done since Sleeper (which remains the pinnacle of their collaborations, imo)


I found Fade Out a chore, but loved Fatale and enjoyed what little I’ve read so far of Kill or Be Killed.


For giving you a sense of the era, Fade Out is excellent but best read in one single batch.


I’d say the opposite.
In one batch it more or less runs together, which is how I read it and how it felt.
Maybe in installments it wasn’t so dragged.


I liked Fatale and loved The Fade Out. I’ve only read the first arc of Kill or Be Killed, but I wasn’t a fan. I might try it again though.


have updated and it’s up to 28 solicits (for this thread) plus Previews Order Forms


Yeah, I agree on this.

Reading as the trades were coming out disrupted the flow slightly and at the time the 3rd trade arrived I wasn’t so quick off the mark in getting to it.

I read the 3 volumes together and the whole thing hung together really nicely and the pacing of it worked better read as a whole rather than bursts.

It’s an excellent series I’m surprised at the criticism elsewhere in the thread.


I’d highly recommend giving it another go Paul.

It’s maybe been my favourite series of theirs, which is saying something.


Combination of loving Fatale, and finding the genre boring.