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The new Buffy comic is being written by Jordie Bellaire, with art by Dan Mora, and it’s a reboot:

CBR can exclusively reveal that writer Jordie Bellaire and artist Dan Mora are working with creator and story consultant Joss Whedon to reboot the entire Buffy concept from day one.

This is the Buffy Summers you know, who wants what every average teenager wants: friends at her new school, decent grades, and to escape her imposed destiny as the next in a long line of vampire slayers tasked with defeating the forces of evil. But the Slayer’s world looks a lot more like the one outside your window, as this new series brings her into a new era with new challenges, new friends…and a few enemies you might already recognize. The more things change, the more they stay the same, as the Gang – Giles, Willow, Xander, Cordelia and more – faces brand new Big Bads, and a threat lurking beneath the perfectly manicured exterior of Sunnydale High, confirming what every teenager has always known: high school truly is hell.



I loved Mora’s art on Klaus. This could be interesting.


Witchfinder: Gates Of Heaven #1-5, by Chris Roberson and the magnificent D’Israeli on art, was a wonderful read. A fairly light, straightforward plot, with a number of overt and more subtle connections to the wider Mignolaverse. Definitely worth a read for regulars, but also worth checking out for the artwork alone.


D’Israeli? On a Mignolaverse tale? This was already on the hitlist but your review just sent it up several levels.


This could be interesting.


The non-superhero stuff sounds pretty good too. I’d definitely read The Big Country plus the horror book set in Northern England. 2019 should be big for Humanoids.


Dan Mora is great.

Jordie is an amazing colourist and has been around comics for a long time time, so will know her way around a script - hopefully she turns out to be a decent writer as it’s a bit of a big punt relaunching a book as big as Buffy with a relative unknown in the sense that she’s hasn’t written much.

I tried her vampire book at image which I think was co-written with someone else, but it didn’t make an impact on me.

I’ll definitely pick this up, but they are taking a wee bit of a gamble.



I love this cover to LOEG: Tempest #4.


I definitely want to see pre-merger issues of LoEG: Thud, LoEG:Gurgle, and LoeG: Whmper




O’Neill does a brilliant Baxendale pastiche.

For US readers who may not get the homage:


It’s really brilliant. I love the way it summarises the entire story of LoEG thus far, too. I wonder what’s under that sticker…


Some lovely Baxendale Bash Street Kids in the top-right panel too.


Image Solicitations for January

@ Image -

Solicitations for January 2019 (w/ Previews text)

Looking forward to the return of Criminal.


Bit disappointed it’s another Lawless story.
Feels played out.



They’ve got enough credit with me now that I’ll buy anything they do sight unseen. Their stuff is always great.