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Is there anywhere I can get some of those classic Who stories these days?


On paper: and a few others. I want to pick up stuff digitally but sadly I don’t think they do that.


There were collections made of classic Who a while back I saw in a bookshop from IDW. I don’t know if they are still around now as Titan have the license, maybe can be picked up second hand.


Hopefully this’ll give Humanoids a boost, their trades have been a bit lacking for the last year or so.


The last three words in this post are redundant.



Sad news, but glad they aren’t dragging it out. Shame Arcudi couldn’t finish it off if it was always planned to end this quickly.


I’ve been suspecting this for a while, not sure how, maybe it was something about how Hellboy in Hell wrapped up. It absolutely worked but was shorter than originally expected.

Having read the first trade of this, with that insane world map that shows the combined impact of the War of Frogs and Hell on Earth arcs, they could not have tried to top those monster tales.

15 issues means a single HC concludes the BPRD run, but that run? For the big normal size HCs alone, it’ll rack up 12 volumes, each with 3 trades per volume and there’s still all the paperback only material AND the 7 Hellboy Library editions.

The Mignolaverse has to be the single biggest creator owned set of books going, it has probably in the region of 50-60 trades of material across 10+ titles for probably 25 years


I hope this means they will be putting out the omni tpbs at a similar pace to those Hellboy ones.


You can get the BPRD / Abe Sapien HCs for £17-19 per volume - probably a better deal than waiting for the paperbacks. They’re good hardbacks too.


I’m good with paperbacks.
Already got the Hellboy ones as paperbacks and I’d like the consistency.


:rofl: Ah, the comic fan obsession to detail.

You know the size is pretty much the same, that they are not OHCs?


I’ve seen them around.


My heart breaks a little at the news that the Hellboy/BPRD storyline is coming to an end, but I respect Mignola’s decision. He has spent more than half his career telling this story, and I’m happy that he has reached the conclusion that he planned all those years ago, and thrilled to have been along for the entire ride.


I think it’s time to put Hellboy and the Mignolaverse tombed for a while. It feels played out, and it’s probably for the best that it ends. That said, I think Mignola could probably do an occasional Hellboy miniseries every couple of years.


Fixed that for you, Jason. :slight_smile:


Marvel tried that and we got the Inhumans instead.

Best to keep the X-Men around.


I think the main arc definitely needs to go out on a high, but I’d disagree its played out. The other minis set in different eras show it’s doing fine.



How have they not done “Archie’s Weird Mysteries” yet?