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The Solicitations for December 2018 thread is up and running with:

AC Comics, Lion Forge, Valiant, and Image.

Should be a bunch more tomorrow.

Wednesday September 19th edit:

There are now 26 company solicits (for this thread).
Also PreviewsWorld Order Forms.


BOOM! Studios has acquired the comic book license for Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer , following 20 years exclusively at Dark Horse Comics. First reported by IGN , BOOM! plans to launch a new Buffy monthly title, as well as limited series and graphic novels.


Yet another blow for Dark Horse.

The industry can be so cruel at times.

I’ll not be surprised if they lose the rights to Aliens & Predator next.


I wonder if they will end up at Marvel though. Would Disney consider them too “mature” for the Marvel line? Would they keep them at Dark Horse or go to another publisher like IDW? There is already a relationship there:


IDW and Boom both do some great books but this really depresses me, Dark Horse have been such a stable of the comics industry for almost all my time reading.

I associated Star Wars comics with DH, same with the other franchises mentioned.

They’ve treated all those properties with such enourmous respect.

I wonder what the future holds for them.


I really enjoyed Dark Horse’s Buffy series over the years. Disappointed that they are losing the license. Have little interest in carrying on with the new publisher. Unless, of course, I hear fantastic things about the new comics.


I think people rather jumped to the conclusion that the Fox license losses for Dark Horse were linked to the Disney deal. I know Marvel claimed back Star Wars but Firefly/Serenity then went to Boom after the merger was all but confirmed.

So it may be an unrelated reason behind it.


Who remembers the Dark Horse Legend imprint? It was founded by Frank Miller, John Byrne and others around 1994 to compete with Image Comics. Books under that imprint included Miller’s SIN CITY, Byrne’s THE NEXT MEN and BABE, Mike Mignola’s HELLBOY, Paul Chadwick’s CONCRETE, Art Adams’ MONKEYMAN & O’BRIEN, Mike Allred’s MADMEN, and some other quality stuff. It was great while it lasted.

Personally, these days 90% of my purchases are from Dark Horse and Image, so I hope DH sticks around for a long time. Or at least until I’m too old to buy comics anymore. :slight_smile:


Fear not. That does not happen. Or, if it does, I’ll let you know!


Oh yeah, those were the days!
I was a Byrne victim, and a Frank Miller fan.
Knew of Mignola and probably would’ve gotten Hellboy, but Legend helped (and Hellboy is pretty frickin’ cool. Good creator owned lifespan still going).
Knew of Art Adams from FF #347-349 with Simonson, but Legend helped (and I enjoyed the hell out of Monkeyman & O’Brien. Nowhere near enough issues/stories.
Friends come over and know who’s shotglass is mine).

Then I just decide to try out Paul Chadwick’s Concrete.
Okay, where have I been? Backtrack and even better (seriously).
If you’ve never read any, try it. If my name isn’t enough for you, trust @njerry’s judgement. There are others too. Has to be.

Mike Allred’s Madman? (invited to the Imprint with the second issue?). That was a very cool find for me, and he’s had (is having) a very good career.

1993 and for a few more years they were number ONE for me.
Image was just artists that couldn’t write (to me, and at that time).
I would’ve been buying big two stuff (more DC), but can’t remember what from back then.
This stuff was the shit.
Mother------, just realized that was 25 years ago.


Yeah, remember the LEGEND imprint.

It was seemingly someone’s answer to Image Comics, with its own “founders”: Byrne, Miller, Mignola, Gibbons, Darrow, and Chadwick. Maybe Allred and Adams, too. I don’t recall if thet were initially listed in the announcement of its formation.

Too bad the imprint flared out after a couple of years. It could have been a good, long-haul brand like Vertigo.


Just finished Saga #54.

I’m glad they are taking a break, as I don’t think I want to read it any more.
That and Thor on Marvel Unlimited. Boy, good job I’ve got Wicked and Divine coming out soon to cheer me up…



Rebellion continue to buy up the rights to almost every British comics property. This one excites me because of Look-In which has loads of Arthur Ranson work that has never been reprinted. He’s one of my favourite artists ever and I’d really like to see Sapphire and Steel collected. (Of course the TV stuff will have it’s own trademark but hopefully something can be done).


Arthur Ranson was a super artist in Doctor who


I can’t remember him ever doing any Doctor Who. I could be wrong but maybe you are thinking of John Ridgeway who has a somewhat similar style when coloured. He did a lot of Doctor Who work over the years.



(I do love some John Ridgeway work also)


I’m sure that’s almost certainly Ranson

Speaking of whom there’s a newish Mazeworld collection out


Looks like I was wrong, I couldn’t remember any and there’s no Doctor Who showing in his bibliography but it seems he did do a story or two.