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Yeah, just five volumes isn’t it? If so then I finished it. I liked it all, although the last couple weren’t quite as strong as the book was when it first began.

I also read Swing but found it a little weak in comparison. It was OK though.

The reviews of Sugar that I’ve read suggest it’s a bit better, which is promising.


I read the first volume of Sunstone, which I enjoyed to an extent.

The voice felt a little naive, which I guess is part of the point, but it was a bit like reading a teenager’s diary.

I plan to read the next volume when I see it in the sales.


Yeah, I’d agree with that. From memory I think it gets a bit better in book two as the relationship gets more complex, and only really starts to tail off a bit in the later books when other characters steal the spotlight.



Pick up Blood Stain - it’s set in the same world Sunstone / Sugar / Swing but doesn’t require any knowledge of them - I know because I’ve only gone with Blood Stain.

Linda Sejic is every bit as talented as Stejpan and it’s a wonderfully light and quirky book.


I look it up thanks Ben !



Bit of a weird coincidence; I’m just going through this month’s Previews and this is in the Image section …


Huh, didn’t know that was on the way. Thanks for the tip-off.


I’d heard of it, but I think it being titled as Vol. 6 of Sunstone is new; it’s apparently more of a spin-off.


Thanks for the reminder on this - I’d been meaning to check out the Ahoy stuff.


I assume Ahoy do not include their listings in Previews?

Will these be available on Comixology?

I do like Tom Peyer.


Read The Goddamned trade. I have to say it’s just average. Not great, but not bad. Typical for the most part. Sorta like Aronofsky’s NOAH but if it was written by Tarantino. I think it would’ve felt special twenty years ago, but now it seemed a little light even with all the violence.

For the most part, it did not feel like the characters actually inhabited the world. There was a lot of unnecessary dialogue simply to explain what was happening. There’s a moment when Cain says “I invented murder” which feels really wrong for the character. That’s something a person with a modern perspective would say. Not the actual person in the world of the story. Throughout the book, there’s a lot of that with characters just saying things no one in that situation would need to say, want to say or want to know. Just it sounds cool, so they say it for the reader.


I wasn’t sure about this, so I’ve pre-ordered the first two issues physically.


John Allison’s Giant Days will be going to Australia for the winter holidays - and BOOM! Box is chronicling it all in a December holiday special titled Giant Days: Where Women Glow and Men Plunder #1 . In this oversized one-shot, Ed Gimmell goes with his girlfriend back to meet her family in Australia for the holidays.

“When BOOM! Studios asked me for a holiday special this year, I knew I would have to dig deep. And if you dig deep, and keep digging, and pop out on the other side of the world, you end up in Australia. Which is where this year’s special is set," said Allison.

“Expect sun, surf, spiders and snags. I grew up with Australian soap operas like Home & Away and A Country Practice , and have always loved their comedy and music. This may not have qualified me to accurately depict their country, but it hasn’t stopped me trying. I often tell anyone who listens that I would be a great showrunner on an Australian soap. So, finally, all those gold-plated ideas have a home.”

In addition to writing the one-shot, Allison will also be returning to draw the entire issue.

“Getting to draw a double-sized issue of Giant Days myself has been the icing on the cake,” the cartoonist said. "I could put as many cars, trucks and vans in the script as I wanted without feeling guilty. Like a hangover, the fun comes first. The pain comes later.”


It’s there now:


Just in the process of adding it now. Thanks paul.


From Jeff Smith’s Facebook:


Work on Tuki, Jeff!!!



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