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I agree Chris, you were crazy to try a bunch of books and see which ones you liked. You should have just picked one and hoped you got the one that was right for you.


I tried every book for a few reasons.

1 - I love comics
2 - I love DC
3 - I found the whole move incredibly exciting
4 - I wanted to reward DC for their bravery and trying to do something to address the criticisms they had face for years on their convoluted continuity. I also wanted to reward them for setting all their books at $2.99. At the discount I was getting for preorders it was costing me about £1.50 an issue
5 - I lot of the writers like Scott Lobdell, Fabian Niciza, and Ron Marz were 90s writers who I didn’t like at the time and I thought this would be a good chance to give them another crack of the whip
6 - There was comics there that I would have picked up anyway and others that I couldn’t make my mind up about, so I thought getting everything would be an easy solution
7 - I had a great comics guy at the time, who did a really good deal for those who were wanting all 52 books

I didn’t drop the books through burnout. I have every book a minimum of 3 issues because that was a fair trial period to make a judgement.
Some I dropped after 3, some were longer than that, others I kept reading until they wrapped up or the creative teams moved on.

This is just me though, I go back to the original point that overall the quality was not there and it got worse as editorial intereference grew.

DC is in a far better place now mostly because they have a lot of talent involved in their comics and the suits are working closer with that talent to make the best possible comics they can.

It’s working.


It is excellent but I think people are also surprised that it is finished. It is one of those books where everyone just assumed the author moved on. The last volume came out in 2008.


Yeah, I picked up some of that from the articles - it sounds like it’s been coming out very gradually in single issues over the past decade, and got cut from a 24-issue run to 22. Must be satisfying for those who have followed it since the beginning.


For what it’s worth, I thought I, Vampire was one of the strongest Nu52 books too. Really liked it. Although those first few “romance” covers were amongst the worst in the line; totally inconsistent with the book’s interior. And, the book did become a bit of a mess when Sorrentino moved on.


This is what my buddy Jim Krueger has been so silent about!


I bought the first issue of every book. There were a lot of creators I didn’t know, and I thought it was worth giving them a chance. A lot of it didn’t suit my tastes, but I don’t regret at least trying it. By the time Rebirth came around I was disillusioned enough not to do it again though.

What I don’t understand is why anyone would buy that omnibus of all the #1 issues. That’s just crazy :smiley:

If I’d done that I never would have tried Animal Man or Dial H or whatever. I’d have stuck with my tired old “favourites”, which frankly were often the worst of the bunch.


I think the idea was to have ideas available that would welcome new readers, which was why Vertigo and WildStorm were included, why it was an attempt to reintegrate, or integrate, those properties. It wasn’t necessarily for everyone to read everything. I know that instinct. In 2015 I read all of the Divergence previews, even the stuff I knew didn’t interest me, mostly because they were free.

Anyway, yeah, it’s a comic book reader’s instinct. I get it.


This December, The Wicked + The Divine writer Kieron Gillen will team with artist Stephanie Hans for a new comic book series that combines horror, fantasy and a re-examination of familiar gaming tropes and ideas in an all-new way.

Titled DIE , the ongoing series — published by Image Comics — is about nostalgia, the complicated relationships of youth and how they impact us as adults and the traditions of the fantasy genre.



I’ll definitely give that one a try!


That’s a clever title, sold by the great logo! I’m in.


Yup…I can see me picking that one up


It’s going to get confusing for people who are already buying Die! Die! Die!.


They’ll end up with 3 copies of Gillen’s book. :smile:


Gillen’s first issue should just reprint the first seven pages of Kirkman’s comic. :slight_smile:


Genesis sang “Tonight, Tonight, Tonight”, and Smashing Pumpkins sang “Tonight Tonight”. I never get them confused.


Which of those is the one from West Side Story?


Flicking through Sugar volume 1 (Matt Hawkins & Jenni Cheung) Anyone recognise this nod/reference?


Is that Sunstone?

(Edit: I didn’t realise there was another companion book to Sunstone and Swing out - any good?)


That’s a bingo

I’ve not actually read it yet, it just arrived today

I bought on the premise and because it was Hawkins

How far did you get with Sunstone, did you finish it?