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Okay, so I was talking to somebody about John Wick, and he said that it was an adaptation of a comic character called Accident Man. Looking it up, it seems pretty obvious that it’s not true. But, is there anything particularly similar that could have made him view Wick as a continuation of that character? Are the comics worth reading? And how best for me to correct this guy without coming off as holier than thou? Complicating matters is the fact that Accident Man has its own movie now, already released (I think it was straight to dvd over here).


I read Accident Man but never saw any John Wick films!

This is accurately the idea behind the comic:

The story centered on the life of Mike Fallon, a high-class hitman. Fallon was known for making his murders look like accidents, often going to extravagant lengths to do so. Fallon is also noted for his love of high living and glamorous girlfriends. Mike Fallon’s, “I don’t give a damn” attitude to his hits was changed the day his ex-girlfriend (a would-be Greenpeace activist) was murdered. Fallon then went on a murderous rampage to find out who paid the contract on his girlfriend and who actually made the hit.

Is that what John Wick is about? It’s not an adaptation obviously or they wouldn’t have made a separate film but very close ideas are far from unknown in Hollywood. The last sentence is just a revenge story like Death Wish and ten thousand others.


John Wick is an ex-hitman who quit when he found love. His wife died of natural causes, and got him a puppy to help him through the grieving process. Wick then goes on a roraing rampage of revenge after a Russian mobster kills the puppy while breaking into Wick’s house to steal his car.

Like seriously, that’s the plot of the movie.


What’s funny is there’s actually an Accident Man movie that came out recently. So maybe he was confusing the two?



It’s definitley not.

However, I’d recommend picking up Accident Man. I’ve not seen the movie, I keep meaning to track it down. But the comii have fond memories of. It’s written by Pat Mills who is one do my favourite writers (and also Tony Skinner).


Alan Moore ‘coming out of retirement’ after putting out at least two new comics in the last month, there. :smile:

The anthology sounds good though.


Got around to reading The Umbrella Academy which reads a bit like Grant Morrison’s DOOM PATROL for kids. Made me miss Automatic Kafka which was like Doom Patrol for adults who read Doom Patrol when they were kids.


Yeah UA is really good. I’m curious to see what the TV show will be like (and I think there’s a new miniseries coming too).

Meanwhile, I bought the first two volumes of Transformers: Lost Light (on Comixology for $3.99 each!), but before diving in I’ve been reading all of James Roberts’ TF comics.

Man, I don’t know if he has really planned things out years in advance, or is just really good at going back and tying things together, but in issue 1 of The Last Stand of the Wreckers (Jan 2010) there’s a passing reference to an Autobot spy in the Decepticon Justice Division…and we finally find out who that is in More Than Meets the Eye 55, which published 6.5 years later! And, the revelation ties up a (seemingly) separate loose thread that had been a continuing subplot through about 40 issues of MTMTE. Very, very impressive plotting and writing.


So, at the risk of turning this into a MTMTE appreciation thread, I read Vol 3 this morning.

The Annual that kicked things off was a little disappointing, to be honest, but “Shadowplay” (#9-11) was amazing. Such a cool story, with the A, B, and C plots expertly interwoven into a gripping, socio-political epic.

With giant, talking, robots.


Good stuff. I’ve just finished that arc on my reread. I like it but think I prefer the previous more comedy based issues 6-8 Scavengers story.


Has there been anymore issues of Jason Aaron’s Goddamned released. Was looking at the first trade on my shelf this afternoon and wanted to read more.


Nope. He teased Book II a year ago, but nothing since:


What’s even more impressive is that many scenes from that arc are revisited (literally) in a later arc…

Plus, another thing I noticed on my reread (big spoilers ahead): Megatron gets a one-percenter spark thanks to Whirl! After Rewind shoots him, Whirl takes the rare spark that Brainstorm had picked up 30 issues earlier and sticks it in Megatron’s chest. Very nice bit of timey-wimey stuff…


This is consistent for Kirkman though since he’s mentioned repeatedly that he found out about Image comics being a thing when his comic shop told him about their new books; he obviously didn’t keep up with comic news through Previews or magazines.

Not Evil Ernie? I can’t think of what this might be (inexplicably popular).

I recently bought the second and third volumes on sale through Comixology and really enjoyed them. As someone who was fond of the toys and cartoon as a kid, but never really kept up with any of the comics there were a few confusing moments, but I powered through. It’s really good, really tight stuff.


I’m not reading the spoiler :wink: but, I’ll take your word for it. Roberts is really impressing me with his writing style here. It’s Claremont-ian in style and execution, if marginally less so verbosity.


There are a few recent Transformers trades on sale at the moment. I was going to pick up the first couple of Lost Light, already. But, how is Optimus Prime? Worth getting in the lead up to Unicron, or can I skip it?


Unicron ties quite heavily into Optimus Prime. But if you’re a fan of 2000AD style OTT action artwork, it’s worth it just for Kei Zama. She’s like that insane art style from the old G2 comics, only good.


Did you get/read Last Stand of the Wreckers?


Not yet. It’s not in the sale this time. On my hit list for the next sale. How are the sequels?


Cheers, Lorcan. I’ve heard mixed things about Revolution and First Strike. Are they necessary too, or can I just stick to the main series and tie-in issues?