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Whilst waiting for the Transformers G1 Definitive Collection to finally print “Time Wars” - which, I need to read before I can move on to reading Furman’s US run (and Regeneration One) - I needed to scratch my robotic itch some other place.

I thought I’d finally give More Than Meets The Eye a go, having bought a shed load of volumes dirt cheap in a Humble Bundle several months ago. I finished vol 2 a few minutes ago.

It’s an incredibly dense read, isn’t it? Each issue takes a long time to get through. And, there are so many plot threads running concurrently you really need to pay attention, or you can get lost easily. This is also my first time reading the IDW books, so there are hundreds of brand new characters that I’ve never seen before; which, is kind of disorientating.

However, at the same time, it is an incredibly grown up take on the concept. This isn’t a kids or nostalgia book by any stretch of the word. It’s pretty gruesome in places. The character interplay is very rich. There are many characters dealing with PTSD from the recent war. And, it is funny too - I laughed out loud in a few places.

Good stuff. I’m going to plow straight on through vol 5 of this, before going back to do the same thing with Robots In Disguise, and “Dark Cybertron”.

Part of me thinks maybe I should have started with RiD, as I suspect that would have been more familiar in terms of characters and setting. But, you folks keep saying MTMTE is the better book.

One thing I am struggling with is that my brain keeps trying to reconcile these characters and events with the original Marvel U.K. Transformers continuity. That’s not really possible is it? These are completely different continuities, right?


Yeah, the IDW comics are a totally different continuity to the Marvel or Dreamwave ones


It’s absolutely brilliant, isn’t it? I think MTMTE is among the best comics of the 2010s. I’m up to volume 9, and it just gets better and better. @Lorcan_Nagle and @MartinSmith are further down the line, so they could tell us how good Lost Light (the successor series) is, and if it maintains the quality.

FWIW, I’ve read a bit of RiD (it’s been on Comixology Unlimited), and I don’t think it holds a candle to what James Roberts is doing in MTMTE/LL.

About the continuity, I had a few questions, like (Vikram maybe don’t click on these!) is Ultra Magnus always a shell body for a smaller bot? And was Shockwave always a reformatted ‘goodie’ senator who’d been chums with Orion Pax? I’ve only read some Marvel TF before MTMTE, so I don’t know how much of this stuff is canon, and how much it’s just Roberts doing his own thing.


I’ve always enjoyed RiD/The Transformers/Optimus Prime, but they’re not in the same league as MTME/Lost Light. Like, they’re good SF political action drama books that happen to have robots in them, but MTME/LL is special

The answer to both questions is that those are new additions in IDW’s comics.


I just started a big idw transformers re-read.


I need to give More Than Meets the Eye another go. I read the first two volumes a ways back. I did like it, but my biggest issue was I had a hard time telling a lot of the characters apart. And considering how much was going on it made it hard for me to follow the plot threads.


Totally. So much so, that I was wondering if there is an in story reason for why so many of the robots look alike?


It is a problem, especially if you aren’t a big Transformers fan from back in the day.

I found the book original, great dialogue and twists, but I did give up a while back because I lost track of who was doing what. It may work better in a big chunk rather than a month apart from each issue (this is true for too many comics).


Get Last Stand of the Wreckers for the real start of Roberts’ run.


Work your way through these 950 slides and all your questions will be answered… In excruciatingly boring detail.


Transformers is a tricky one. Alex Milne on MTMTE is amazing but he crams so much into each panel it can often be too ‘busy’. Plus by all accounts he’s a dick.

I think I actually prefer Coller and Cahill as my robot artists of choice.


When a lot of them are the same toys in different colour schemes to begin with, it can be hard to differentiate.


Fair point. Do they ever acknowledge it as part of the story though?


Not hugely. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker have a very fraternal relationship - which is odd because their original toys weren’t repaints of each other, and it’s a very specific plot point with Top Spin and Twin Twist in Last Stand of the Wreckers.

But even when they did Spotlight comics for Trailcutter and Hoist to promote new toys that were the same basic mould, and both characters were in the Lost Light’s crew they didn’t mention how astonishingly similar they looked!


They were both originally Lamborghini Countachs, weren’t they?


Yeah, but two different toys. Sideswipe was redecoed as Red Alert, Sunstreaker was never redecoed in G1 - though the original Diaclone toy was issued in a whole mess of colours.

Oddly, when they got new toys in 2008, they did use the same mold, but it was designed to give them two different robot modes but the same car mode.



This is definitely a drawback to the series, and it’s a shame. I’ve wondered how much the coloring is an issue, too; it doesn’t help when panels are often filled with shades of gray.

I have found that it’s become less of an issue the more I’ve read. Whether that’s because I’ve grown accustomed to the style, or have learned the cast or the characters thin out as the series goes along, I’m not entirely sure.


The manager at my LCS knows just which variant cover best represents me: