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I gave on the book long ago. I have a feeling it probably reads better in collected form.


It always seems to attract me, and yet, except one early issue, I’ve held off. Totally agree it is likely best as a binge.


Definitely. It’s impossible to read in singles. I stack up 4-5 issues to read in one sitting.

When is Manhattan Projects coming back?


It is actually on the schedule. Nick said something recently that Warren had the idea he was waiting for, and they started talking. A year or so, maybe?


Manhattan Projects is Hickman. It’s been 2.5 years since the last issue.



In the meantime, we want to do something more with Dark Horse right now – especially because Fox is taking the Buffy license and the Firefly license back. And Dark Horse has shepherded these licenses for decades now.


I assume it’s related to Disney buying Fox.


Almost sure, and that could mean they will lose Aliens and Predator too.


At this point Dark Horse could be forgiven for taking Disney’s antics quite personally, as this is really screwing them over as a company.



I guess it is one of the problems with relying so heavily on licensed material that you don’t control. I hope it doesn’t hurt Dark Horse too badly.


D’oh! Sometimes I get those two confused. I do the same with Steinbeck and Hemingway, and i know better in all circumstances!

When Layman and Pitarra were rolling out the initial Leviathan stuff Nick said MP would be coming. Both he and JONATHAN were burned out for a bit. (Hence the Laika story in space.)


Well, they took a big hit with losing SW, add in Conan, Aliens, Predator, Terminator, Firefly, Buffy, Angel - it’s a hell of a lot of blows.


Dark Horse has done such a great job with these properties over the years. This is all really shit news for comics.


Just to point out that Newsarama corrected final issue to #46. 8 issues to go.


It is, most Hickman stuff has a level of complexity I have to read it almost all in one chunk. This book is one I’ve been buying but not reading and stocked up for a long while now as I’d lost the monthly thread. I think now the signal for the last issue is when I’ll tackle it all at once.

I think Image has suffered from this though. You sell in monthly instalments and I don’t know that many people will be like us and extend the same trust to consume that way.


Feels like a while since Image have had a big hit…Dead Rabbit from Duggan and McRea feels like it could do well.
Brilliant character design. McRea’s preview pages look excellent.


Whilst at the comic shop on Wednesday I picked up Coda issue 1 from Boom Studios due to the Jae Lee cover. I knew nothing about the book going in. Holy ballsacks, this is great! Si Spurrier writes and it’s devoid of his annoying ticks and it could even be the best thing of his I’ve read (although I am a big Simping Detective fan). Art is by Matias Bergara, someone I had no previous knowledge of but man, can he draw. His style reminded me of a kind of mixture of Mike Ploog and Matteo Scalera (but just the good parts of Scarlera’s art).

Storywise it’s a dystopian fantasy tale and the world building of the first two issues is akin to what other books take 20 issues to do. Don’t let the word dystopian put you off as it’s actually funny and charming and full of cracking characters. Having read the first issue I actually went back the next day to grab issue 2.

edit - I see issues 3 and 4 are out as well.


I had stuck the first issue in my wish list looking to revisit it if it ever went on sale.


I am a bit vexed by Dark Horse losing Firefly to BOOM.

It appears that BOOM is going to produce an ongoing series with the property. In the thirteen years that Dark Horse held the rights, we got four miniseries, totalling about nineteen issues, and a short OGN.

Why didn’t Dark Horse do more with it, then? I was under the impression that whatever Dark Horse published had to be initiated or approved by Joss Whedon and what we got was what he wanted released. But now it looks like BOOM is doing that ongoing that DH never got a chance to do. Did something change?