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Is the Avatar sale still on? I just see them at full price now.


Looks like it’s just finished, it was on the ‘sales’ page on Wednesday but has gone now.


I read all five issues. Like others have said, the art is nice but overall it’s meh with an unsatisfactory ending.


I read the first issue of Vs and i found it completely unengaging, despite the talent of the artist


Thanks - looks like Vs is a surprise one to miss then.



Transformers: Lost Light #25—Cover B: Nick Roche—SPOTLIGHT
James Roberts (w) • Jack Lawrence (a) • Nick Roche ©
FC • 40 pages • $4.99

Bullet points:

  • Extra-long final issue! Tying together and putting a bow on stories from the last 13 years!
  • The final fate of the whole Lost Light crew revealed!
  • From the Death of Optimus Prime to now: 85 issues of the Lost Light cast!

The last few issues have been a bit confusing and I thought Roberts’ writing made me feel that something was ending but I did not want it to because im not sure I’ve gotten more laughs and thought provoking moments out of any other book. The ads for the Unicron series finally sealed it for me. I hope that James Roberts finds something he loves to do as much as MTMTE/Lost light because I will miss him otherwise.
Apparently this entire TF universe is going away. Im sure there is some business reason for it ending but it has held my attention better other incarnation of Transformers so I will be bummed when I read this last issue of Lost Light.


Xerxes: The Fall Of The House Of Darius And The Rise Of Alexander #1-5 - echoing a lot of what Dave Wallace said elsewhere, this mini-series started off well, but lost the plot mid-way through and ended up a disjointed mess. I think the scope of what Frank was trying to achieve got away from him in the end. Had he another 5 issues, or so, to expand on the various characters in this book I think the final product would have been much stronger.

Still, I’m amazed that we got a Frank Miller book published from beginning to end without a single delay. Who’d’ve thought it possible?

Koschei, the Deathless #1-6 by Mignola, Stenback and Stewart was really enjoyable. A return to the whimsical fairytale storytelling style of Hellboy In Hell, it provides a lot of background information to the titular character. A rare must read outside of the core Hellboy and BPRD books.


Held your attention? You mean it gave you free robo-porn, right? We hacked your computer because everyone thought you were more boring than Ultra Magnus. Turns out we found you weren’t that at all, who knew?

Sorry, couldn’t resist a homage to Roberts’ bitchy bot banter.


Speaking of TF comics, I am still a little pissed (???) about the whole business with Optimus Prime #20

They put this as the cover:

But they appear just as nameless, without dialogue goons… grrr.


That art is very Walt Simonsson. I had to double check to make sure it wasn’t actually him.


I know what you mean, but I’m also kind of glad. Means Roberts can do what he likes without worrying about those who come next will clean up after him. Plus it should mean we get a definitive ending to his 85-issue run.

I’m quite surprised Roberts hasn’t been snapped up by the Big 2 yet. His run has been all-time great comics, and I can think of properties at DC and Marvel where he’d fit really well.


I assume it was stockpiled until it was all ready. This project has been in the works for a looooong time.


Yes absolute ages. I have a strong inkling Dark Horse told Miller to call them when it’s done and they’d put it out.


Just to update, Cinema Purgatorio #15 is in this week’s Diamond shipping list, and the cover to issue 16 has been revealed:

Here comes George Reeves


Getting the waterworks ready


Did this ever come out at Image? Is it still happening?


Hasn’t come out as far as I know.


Another ten issues or so.


Good to know. I was starting to think it was just going to dribble away