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I keep forgetting to mention that the Lion Forge is the publisher. Catalyst Prime is the Superhero branch. Magnetic is is the Branch that publishes non superhero adult comics. They also have a branch that covers children’s books but I forget the name of that branch.


Thanks, been trying to work that out for ages since the Lion Forge name started coming up.


I hadn’t seen anybody post this yet.

A hardcover anthology volume for Ghost in the Shell containing four new stories, with “input” from Shirow himself. Sounds good to me.

A page of preview art:

And the cover by Dustin Nguyen:

The authors and story descriptions for the anthology are:

Story 1: “Automatic Behavior” by Max Gladstone & David López
In this story by Max Gladstone, author of the Hugo-nominated Craft Sequence novels, and David López, the star artist of All-New Wolverine, Kusanagi and Aramaki are visiting Shanghai under cover as trade attachés when Aramaki is abducted in a sudden attack. Kusanagi recognizes the kidnappers as an elite American squadron she faced years earlier in Laos. But something is wrong – these soldiers should all be dead. Aramaki awakens inside a simulated world where his captors use repetition and pain to wear him down. Cut off from support, Kusanagi will have to reunite with an old friend to discover who has taken Aramaki and recover him before they break his ICE and access his ghost.

Story 2: “Redbloods” by Alex de Campi & Giannis Milonogiannis
From legendary writer Alex de Campi (Twisted Romance, Grindhouse) and Giannis Milonogiannis of Image Comics’s acclaimed Prophet. A raid on a pleasure cruise off the coast of Yokohama unveils an international gang of smugglers trading illegally in the cyber-bodies of children. The trail leads to a dank corner of what was once Louisiana, where Togusa and Saito find themselves alone and outgunned. Meanwhile, Chief Aramaki and Major Kusanagi clash over a difference in philosophy with major implications for one little girl.

Story 3: “After the Ball Is Over” by Genevieve Valentine & Brent Schoonover
By Genevieve Valentine (Catwoman) and Brent Schoonover (Ant-Man), this story is set amid the aftermath of the war that divided the United States into three separate entities now at an uneasy peace. A woman has lived without augmentations, making a living by smuggling information the analog way. But an encounter with a man she never thought to see again drives her to stick her neck out one last time, and brave the checkpoints and suspicion that now pock what was once the land of the free.

Story 4: “Star Gardens” by Brenden Fletcher & LRNZ
From the explosive combination of Brenden Fletcher (Batgirl, Motor Crush) and LRNZ (Golem) comes an exploration of the nature of identity and imagination, punctuated by stylized fights and homages to every past incarnation of Section 9. A mind-blowing, kinetic descent into the mind of Major Motoko Kusanagi concludes The Ghost in the Shell: Global Neural Network.

I’m definitely up for this.
Has anybody read LRNZ’s Golem? I’ve looked him up based on his involvement here, and it looks great. I’m excited to see his pages.


The first story was included with the Kodansha comics Humble Bundle a while back. It was OK, felt like an episode of Stand Alone Complex.


From Warren Ellis’ latest Orbital Operations:

FAQ: THE WILD STORM was always designed to run 24 issues. That’s why there’s a 24-issue ticker built into the damn cover design. Any further comment would be SPOILERS.

FAQ: The other planned Wild Storm group titles are still coming out. Scheduling is a real thing in the world, especially at a big publisher. The third book is outlined and already has a script written, and the bible for the fourth is in my files and being refined.

FAQ: I would do more original comics these days but I don’t know any more artists who hate money.

FAQ: Two issues of TREES Vol 3 already written. It’ll go on the schedule when it’s good and ready and Image have a slot for it. Again, scheduling is a real thing in the world, and Image has a huge publishing slate - the days of just firing randomly are long gone.

FAQ: INJECTION is not cancelled. Declan is busy with other things this year, including his Big American Tour!




Now up to 45 solicits, plus Previews Text

Friday August 3rd edit: 46 solicits


So, with the trade out soon, what’s the MW view of VS? The series from Brandon and Ribic.


Been catching up with Cinema Purgatorio by Moore & O’Neill… that was quite interesting (have no idea about the King Kong BTS stuff).

Will add a HC/TPB of it gladly to my collection.


I read the first two issues. The art is amazing but the story is a bit hard to follow.


Sadly no plans have been announced yet for a collection of any of it, in another ‘leaving money on the table’ move by Avatar.


Wait, is Purgatorio over?


I second Ronnie on this. I also read the first two issues and felt the same. It looks great but the story didn’t grab me.


No, still at least one issue due in future solicits I think.


I think they are waiting for it to end (think I heard it Moore’s story is at least 18 issues long, at 8 pages each, should make for one volume )


Hopefully it makes it to #18 then!


I had to look up quite a thing it references (this site helps: ).

I started to really enjoy the individual stories from issues 3-5, 6 is really weird (the story of the Warner Bros. told as the Marx brothers) but I liked it, and 8.

Oh, and the one from 12 made me laught a little.


I really like the Moore/O’Neill strips, some of them are very clever and inventive in the way they tie together Hollywood history.

Code Pru is great too.


Ah, almost forgot, in Comixology all 14 issues are currently discounted at 1,99 each instead of 5.99/6.99