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According to Chris Arrant (editor at Newsarama) on Twitter, Saga is going on a year-long intermission. No reason given yet.



I think that’s good news for the book. I’ve said a couple of times during the recent arc that Saga is starting to feel like it’s spinning its wheels a little bit, so it’s interesting to see the creators also feel the need to break and ‘recharge’.

Hopefully a pause and refresh will be good for everyone.


And it so happens that 54 issues leaves a nice set of 18 for OHC3 to be collected.


Interesting that they also hint that there is an eventual end.


Yeah, which I always like to hear.


I think it will carry on spinning its wheels as that’s how Vaughan writes comics. I suspect it’s more Staples wants to try something else for a while as she did with Archie because artists are far more tied to one project.

I’m always fine with these breaks as long as the team are committed to coming back as Rucka and Scott did on Black Magic for example. If you follow European comics or 2000ad then it’s quite normal to wait a year for the next installment of a saga (no pun intended).


Well, they’re a team. It’s as important for Staples to refresh as Vaughan.

It must be difficult for an artist to do the same book for so long and not be able to fully stretch other muscles. It’s different for a writer who can more easily work on other projects, as you say.


I’m thinking this break may be the right time for me to catch up. I think it was early to mid 20s I got a bit bored of the formula, although with real faith in the creators given that I love Staples art and Vaughan has written some of my favourite series over the years.

I might punt the first 20 odd issues on eBay and use the money to buy the OHCs…


You’ll probably get plenty if you’ve got the early issues. I should never have sold off my copy of #1 as I’d get a lot more for it now than I did then! :slight_smile:


And they’re great volumes.


Yup and Vaughan has always said it’ll carry on as long as she’s still engaged. He has an ending (which is hardly surprising as since the first issue the narration is in past tense) so can adjust the plot to where she wants to be.


That would be nice: I think I bought two copies of # 1, I’ll need to check my longboxes, but I’m sure I bought a reading copy and bagged and boarded the other at the time .


Not long after #6 came out, I sold a set of the first 6 issues on eBay. Got over a hundred quid for them. Not sure if the TPB/ Digital/ OHC market has dented the back issue demand since then, but that was quite a tidy profit.


Have updated with Image, AfterShock, and Valiant.


Has anyone read anything from Lion Forge Comics? Anything you’d recommend? They look like they have decent talent doing good work and they had a nice booth at C2E2. I just haven’t heard any buzz on any of their books.


I have, Ronnie. They had a nice booth at Denver Comic Con too. I stopped to talk with someone there and they did a great job explaining the universe to me. It started out like Armageddon with astronauts trying to destroy a Earthkiller meteor. They succeed to a point. The astronauts get separated and fall to earth. They get superpowers. Spots on Earth become Impact zones from meteorite strike and people get superpowers from exposure. I am reading Amy Chu’s Summit. #6 is a soft reboot and a good place to jump on. The lead character is a ex astronaut/Physics professor who has cosmic powers.


Inclined to give that trade a go, as it has Jan Duursema on art.

Also, for Ronnie - Lion Forge seem to be the superhero arm of Magnetic Press, who’ve done some very nice OHCs of translated material.


have updated to 30 solicits (for this thread), plus Previews Order Forms


IDW Media Holdings has appointed Kerry McCluggage as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer, replacing founder and longtime CEO Ted Adams, the company announced today. McCluggage has an extensive television background, undoubtedly reflecting the board’s desire to take advantage of the company’s fastest-growing (and highest opportunity) segment. He had a ten-year stint as Chairman of the Paramount Television Group, during which the group was airing Cheers, Frasier, and Star Trek series, and also was President of Universal TV. For the last 10 years he’s been President of Craftsman Films, his own film and TV production company. McCluggage has been on the IDW board of directors since last fall.

Adams, the company’s founder and chief executive for its first 20 years, will take a short sabbatical and return in an unspecified creative role, the company said. He took the company from zero to a publicly traded company generating over $60 million in sales last year, with two multi-season TV series under his belt. But IDW recently hit a rough patch, with a loss in its fiscal 2017 and the first half of 2018 (see “IDW Publishing Sales Continue Declines, Losses Improve”).

This is a painful-sounding quote.

“I’m excited to see where Kerry takes the company I’ve been building for the last 20 years,” Adams said.