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ODY-C was Matt Fraction.



The comics journal became pretty nasty towards the end did it not? According to some of the guys on the 11 oclock comics podcast it did. Very snobby attitude to comics.

I’m not sure it’s a good thing that it’s Fantagraphics bringing it back if that’s the case.


I think it was always like that to be honest. The editor, Gary Groth, has a real dislike of superhero comics. I read a few for the long interviews with the likes of Frank Miller and Alan Moore and he just dismisses all they did for Marvel and DC as not worth reading or discussing.

Funnily enough just yesterday I was listening to the House to Astonish podcast and they were talking of a panel he was on in San Diego in 2002 where he did the same thing.

It’s a pity really as the rest of the writing in the magazine could be very good.



Very happy with this here review of chum Drew Edwards’ new project. Drew is a MW Alumni, and one might be surprised by some of the artists. (They’re all good.) So - on to the Science Starlet - and Jamie wants me to tell you to check out her Austin band, Danger Cakes, as well!


This is possibly enough for a different thread, but I’m trying to remember an ultraviolent 90’s comics character that seemed inexplicably popular in the day, but I cannot remember it at all except a few pages I skimmed back then.

The thing that stood out for me was that the book was black and white, the art wasn’t that good compared to the standard 90’s people like Portacio, Macfarlane, Lee or Silvestri. The hero was like a demonic street level vigilante - similar to The Darkness - who looked a little like if Lobo died and was resurrected as The Crow.

The only thing I remember specifically is that he would nail hoods’ testicles to a table when interrogating them in the issue I read so it was something in the X-rated vein of Tim Vigil’s Faust.

Does anyone remember any indy book like that?

As a side note, what were some of the most graphically violent moments from the 90’s comics?



Does anyone still care at this point?


Yes I do. The extra wait seems rather immaterial when even if they’d jumped into it as soon as they could there’d have been 20 years between issues. :smile:


I do. Unfortunately, it will probably take three or four years to get the final issue out.



I stand corrected. :smile:

It just seemed like no one even talked about it anymore.


It’s one of those things I never really expect to see completed so don’t put in much time thinking about it, but if it ever is then I’ll be excited to read it.


The Solicitations for October 2018 thread is up and running with:

AC Comics, Alterna, Archie, Aspen, and Chapterhouse.

Expect Image tomorrow, and a bunch more all through the week.

Solicitations for October 2018 (w/ Previews Text)

I always found it really insufferable. Even as someone who has read lots of Fantagraphics, D&Q, and other indie comics his whole life, I find the “there’s more to comics than superheroes YOU KNOW” attitude to be a big turn-off. I think it’s actually done more harm to indie comics than good to be honest.


I know exactly what you mean.

It’s a really cringeworthy attitude, usually feels like it’s from folk who haven’t read many comics.

Good comics are good comics. Superhero books are just a genre. If you don’t like a genre then that’s down to personal taste but you run the risk of missing out because there’s brilliant comics in every genre.

Ironically from people who think they are being smart they are just being ignorant.


This is how to advertise a new title. At SDCC.



That is fuckin awesome !!