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Upcoming covers for Savage Dragon:



Neat, but I just want him to collect and reprint “The Second Floor” strips that the HC’s lacked.


This looks interesting.


Is that the one where the guy’s skin explodes?


Uhhh… I don’t know. His script was unproduced.


Hey guys, I know a few of you have subscribed to the Hachette part works series over the years. How is your experience with shipping delays? I bought a couple of Transformers volumes from them over two weeks ago now, and they haven’t arrived. E-mailed them a couple of days ago, with no response. Is this normal?


I have no first hand experience with them, but from what I’ve read, that’s absolutely standard for the level of customer service they provide.


Sadly, yes. They do issue the stuff but they don’t tell you when, so it just… turns up.

It’s why I’m looking forward to my soon-to-hopefully-arrive final volume of the Judge Dredd Mega Collection.

It’s a weird model that doesn’t work for me


That would drive me mad if this happens all the time. I’m always anxious when waiting for things in the post. I have bought stuff directly from them before, but things have usually arrived within a week or thereabouts. This time round is quite infuriating.


Adjust your timetable to 1-2 weeks.


I’ll give them another few days (until 3 weeks or more is up), then I may have to see about complaining to PayPal about them.


Awesome that sounds great - thanks for sharing



I’ve always been a fan of Gibson’s Alien III script, and I think it would have been a more interesting story than the Alien3 that was filmed.

Gibson’s script does have a few issues, though, but I think the story would have worked after a few rewrites. I’ve also gotten the sense that Gibson’s hands were tied by the studio, with things like Ripley’s absense being things that were beyond his control.

I would also note that the lack of Ripley makes the script lead into the first three Dark Horse Aliens series nicely.



I’ve had no trouble with Hachette at all, everything has always arrived on time and perfectly packaged. When they made a (very minor) production error in one volume, they shipped me a fixed replacement almost immediately, completely free of charge – before I even asked, I hadn’t even noticed the error but one of their subscribers had so they just shipped a new book to everybody.

Honestly, I know I’m in a minority here (maybe I’m just lucky) but I think they’re one of the best companies I’ve ever dealt with.


Well, if we’re being fair - £9.99 for a 150-200 page hardback is good. They pack it well and it does eventually turn up.

Their single big weakness is comms - just an email saying “issues A/B have been sent off” would go a long way to fixing this.


They did show up today. Almost three weeks after I ordered them, mind you. But, they have arrived. So all good.



Morrison is crazier than a bag of cats but he understands superheroes like nobody else.