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I liked the first two series a lot so I’ll definitely be there for this.

I need to reread them actually, it’s been a long time.


Same here.


Staff at my LCS really didn’t like this.



It does sound rather promising, but I do wish he’d go a wrap up Morning Glories more than anything else.

Spencer should have a good couple of years ahead of him, he strikes me as a perfect fit for both Amazig Spider-Man and Archie.

He’s a good writer and this should see his reputation rebuilt after some really over the top reactions to his Captain America run.


Regarding that Kirkman/Burnham release, I went to Midtown Comics this morning to learn that, due to some kind of SNAFU, some retailers will not be getting their copies until next Wednesday.

I was surprised, but not exactly the reaction Kirkman was hoping for.


There’s some slightly dubious logic from Kirkman there. It’s not like Sleepwalker and Infinity Gauntlet weren’t promoted ahead of time, it’s just that he didn’t notice that. You can achieve the same now by just not reading Previews or solicitations. Dropping a new title at no notice is a pretty ridiculous way of trying to achieve this and I can see it backfiring on him.


I have been getting a copy of Previews every month since for over 30 years for free at my LCS because I am a subscriber. That told you what was coming in two months. Hell, Wizard was big back then and previewed things. There were so many different ways to find out things way back in the pre-Internet days, especially if you regularly visited an LCS.


Funnily enough I did just that a couple of weeks ago. They’re both still great.

What’s Fabulous Killjoys like? It’s on Comixology Unlimited and given my love for Umbrella Academy I’m tempted to read it.


He’s got a lot of publicity so far. But I think a lot will depend on whether the book is actually any good.


I think a lot of it is going to depend on how good LCS are at, and how open customers are to, up-selling at the till. Because I think that’s the main way this book’s going to be sold.


It’ll probably be a while before we know well it’s doing, as obviously there will be no Diamond sales figures for #1, because there were no orders for it.


I’m assuming that most people who make the weekly trip to the comics shop are going to be fairly well-informed about what’s going on in the world of comics and will have already heard of the book after the publicity of the last 24 hours. Maybe I’m wrong about that though.


According to the manager at my LCS, the number of copies of Die!Die!Die! a store received was based on the number of copies of Oblivion Song they initially ordered. It did not include additional copies added at FOC. (She said Oblivion Song has been a poor seller for them.)

Since the book has ten (10) covers, they (and other stores) are getting calls from people who want all of them. A lot of people are going to be disappointed. Having ten covers was really a stupid thing to do when quantities may be limited. I can understand 2 - 3 covers but having ten was dumb. An upcoming issue of The Walking Dead will have multiple covers and like Action Comics #1000, my LCS is taking advance orders so people can get the ones they wanted. With advanced notice and planning, this will probably be a great seller.


It was OK. I think altering the story hurt it a bit because it wasn’t actually about the Killjoys but their legend and follow on events as the main push had already been covered in the videos. Grant Morrison’s character is still a primary character and the main character is the little girl that they’re protecting in the video though.


Couldn’t find the digital comics thead, so just sticking this here

DC have a ‘volume 1’ sale up on comixology just now, which includes pretty much the first volume of most series you can think of from Rebirth, New 52, pre Rebirth and Vertigo

Good opportunity to go try something you’ve been meaning to for a while

Also, there’s a Berger Books sale on just now which includes Dave Gibbons Originals collection, Incognego collection and also the single issues for the follow up to incognegro.


It’s at the top of the page, Ronnie posted about the sale there ten minutes ago. :slight_smile:


:joy: I think i was looking too far down


Why would you stick it here when the title literally says NOT DC? :wink:


I saw the Berger stuff first :slightly_smiling_face: