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:smile: I can’t really disagree but I like him so am being polite.


Exactly! And I loved Last Days of American Crime. The art was great there.
Funnily enough, I think my love for that miniseries has set me up for disappointment with his latest comic. Which is also a small scale crime story, but the first issue wasn’t what I was hoping for. I’ll stick with it for now though. Is anybody else reading it?


What’s the name of the series?


Death or Glory


Yeah I’m reading it. Although I’ll be picking it up in trade as I do with all Remender’s work.

I read the first issue So that I didn’t need to wait a full 6 months to see what it was like. Bengal’s art is amazing.


Robert Kirkman just announced a new comic that’s available in stores tomorrow:

Strictly for mature readers, this action packed comic lives up to its title – blood will flow, bullets will fly and the mayhem will never end!


I’ll buy it for Burnham’s art.

How was this solicited if no-one knew about it?


It doesn’t show up on Midtown Comics’ list of books available this week. I guess I’ll have to search for it.


I think that model can work for things like music downloads and Netflix. But comics already have such a small audience. That not marketing a book untill the day before release, seems like an odd move too me.


That sounds like a fun idea but doesn’t seem like a very good model when your product has to be pre-ordered to even make it on the shelves. If they’re just doing it digital, Marvel beat them to the announced book hitting the market all of a sudden a month or so ago.


It’s revealed a little way down the Big Bang Thread. They’ve sent retailers the same number of copies of this as they ordered for Oblivion Song #1. Obviously they’ll be fully returnable then so none of them lose out.


Ah, thanks. That makes sense.

Will they do that with the next couple of issues too?


I don’t know but I’d assume so as I can’t see how else it works.

Anyway it seems it has at least enthused Burno (he usually does the Twitter updates) seeing an unexpected Kirkman and Burnham book in the box. If that is repeated in other shops it may be a hit idea.


Hey look! It’s another letter printed on the back of a poster! This is old hat now, right? Has DC done this yet? Should I stop pointing this out? Okay!

To get this out of the way from the jump, I love comics and I really love comic stores. It would be an understatement to say that the direct market changed my life. Your support of THE WALKING DEAD from its earliest of days, as well as my other successes in comics (thanks for getting behind OBLIVION SONG!), have made it possible for me to do cool things like what we’re doing today.

Maybe you’ve already seen it… maybe this is the first thing you pulled out of the box. But you should have gotten a shipment of a brand new series today, a book called DIE!DIE!DIE! (it’s awesome) by myself, Scott M. Dimple and Chris Burnham! We matched your orders to the recent OBLIVION SONG launch, so that’s how we determined what to send you.

We’ll be doing a targeted media blast today, getting the word out that this book is IN STORES THIS WEEK! Hopefully the excitement of a surprise launch like this will bring people into your stores, and we can all celebrate another successful series launch together.
The reason for all this insanity? Well…

There’s something magical about going into a comic shop. For me, the heyday of this magic was in the early ’90s when I was around 13 years old. Back then… you didn’t know what was coming out months in advance. There were ads in comics, sure… but when you walked into a comic shop and looked at the new comic rack, it was full of something that I think modern comics is very much lacking… SURPRISE.

I remember walking across the store, seeing the new rack from afar., scanning the covers, trying to figure out what they could be as I got closer and closer. Back then you could arrive at a store and say, “What the heck is Sleepwalker?” and it was just there, on the shelf waiting for you to find out. I remember when I first saw the cover for Infinity Gauntlet. what the heck could that be? All the Marvel heroes in one comic? That’s special–it’s not like they did that twice a year back then! As time went on and the Internet started feeding us more and more information than we could ever want about every little thing in existence… those surprises pretty much faded away.

I want to bring that excitement back. I want the comic shop, the place you’re probably standing in to be a place of discovery again! I want it to be a place where a customer can come in and find out about something new and exciting!

Huge thanks to the teams at Image and Skybound for working tirelessly to figure out a way to make this happen. But most of all to you, dear comic book retailer, for working in the trenches to keep bringing us this art form we love to enjoy week in and week out!

Thank you for your time, and once again—always, in fact—thank you for your support.

-Robert Kirkman


It also puts a burden on the retailer because they got a book they really don’t know what to do with. Do they just put all of them on the shelf? Just some and hold some for subscribers? How many subscribers may want a copy? Will speculators just grab them up and leave real fans with nothing?

I want to bring that excitement back. I want the comic shop, the place you’re probably standing in to be a place of discovery again! I want it to be a place where a customer can come in and find out about something new and exciting!

Why not send free copies to the stores so the retailers can read it and build awareness and excitement?

This is a really terrible idea and disrespectful to the retailers.


Saying that Todd the only retailer to comment from the Big Bang thinks it’s an awesome idea.


Creators do that all the time. Kirkman sent retailers print copies of the first TPB of Oblivion Song months before the series was released.


There is/used to be a program in place where retailers could get books a week in advance to read through Diamond. If I remember correctly, it was some sort of subscription that I don’t think was entirely free.



Yay! Loved this series and have been waiting for the Hotel Oblivion story for some time.

I wonder how much it’s changed from what was originally announced. One of Way’s other books, The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys changed quite a bit with a shorter delay but a lot of that was down to using the original story for a concept album.