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An Alan Moore Lovecraft Omnibus, including The Courtyard, Neonomicon, and Providence is something that is on my wishlist. Throw in The Courtyard Companion, all of the variant covers, and the Providence backmatter, too. That would make a lovely oversized hardcover.


I’m a big fan of his work and that’s the one that I didn’t get on with. I stopped after the first three issues. So maybe you will find it more to your tastes.


That’s pretty much what the slipcased boxset collects, from memory.

Ah, here it is.


$130? They are taking the mick.


They do seem to be milking it. I can’t believe they wouldn’t make more though by simply selling a load of mid-range 12-issue Providence collections.


I haven’t been able to get into Providence, through no fault of the book. I started it earlier this summer and because it’s summer I either go out, I’m out of town, or I’ve had too much to drink to string together 3 or 4 nights in a row of the kind of deep reading the book requires. I have all of the hardcovers and they’re quite nice but I may slip them back on the shelf for the autumn.


You should try them. Either book would do, but I think the first 4 issue arc of Uncanny X-Force would be best. Much like Ennis’ mainstream work vs his creator owned, the editorial constraints of the Marvel universe reined in Remender’s more darker preferences. There is quite a tonal difference between his Marvel and Image work.


What’s worse is that they’re painfully bad at self-promotion so scalpers make twice as much for even 1 hardcover online.

Back when the kickstarter was going on I made my best effort to tell those interested that they could get HCs in general for a decent price on their website.


Yes and that’s the problem I mentioned with his liking for redemption stories. You’ll probably find you will like them by the end but that’s asking a lot of the reader.


My favorite Rick Remender story is The Last Days of American Crime.


If you also liked the art on it, it’s Greg Tocchini who does the art on Low - which is stunning at times.


Like Ross upthread, I gave LOW a try for the first 2 or 3 issues, and it just didn’t grab my interest. The art was beautiful, I just wasn’t intrigued by the premise of the storyline. Do the four TPBs tell the full story, or did the book end without a final resolution?


Volume 4 ends on a cliffhanger with volume 5 and issue 20 starting this year

Low never grabbed me at first either.

I read the first issue and decided that was enough.

Then I listened to a long review of it on 11 o’clock comics which heaped praise upon the first volume.

I ended up picking it up and really enjoying it.

Like Gar has said its one of those things that hangs together really well holistically but maybe doesn’t grab the reader over a few issues.

  • Back to the original numbering with 699.
  • Nick Spencer taking over as writer with Marguerite Sauvage as artist.
  • A new Betty & Veronica series by Jamie L. Rotante


NOW I’m excited.


This looks fun. I loved Space Mullet but didn’t get on with Extremity. This book looks suitably insane.


Nick Spencer strikes me as a brilliant choice.

His teen dialogue is excellent - I’ve not really bought Archie in years but I think I’ll pick this up.


I’d tried Waid’s, mainly because of the idea more than his chops writing kid slice of life stuff, and it was utterly bluh.

Spencer could do some work there haha.


Waid is struggling a little with writing teens, as his Champions run showed.

Saying that I really like the idea of his Archie 1941 series.


“A little” is being very generous, but yeah 1941 sounds interesting at least.
More than really badly handled shenanigans.