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Good luck on that, it went out of print fast.


I feel the exact same way. I’m going to assume he’s about 40 and I feel I’ve shared some similar life experiences.

I really love Low. It’s all a fantastic metaphor for depression and the importance of positive thinking. It’s so smart and beautiful and manages to lay down a message and an exciting story along with it.

I loved the whole dissection of social media and modern technology in Tokyo Ghost. He’s so bang on with it and at 10 issues it was a perfect length.

Deadily Class and Seven to Eternity are must read and knowing you enjoy the themes that he likes to explore I think you will love both of them.

The guy’s a phenomenal writer, one of the best of the last 10 years.


Amazon seem to still have it in stock?


Huh, I’ve never liked Remender much but maybe I’ll have to check Low out.


Due to the experience of Fear Agent, which I consider to be Remender’s best work, I super tradewait his runs and hold off until they are complete.

The reason for this is they tend to read very differently when completed compared to partial chunks. Fear Agent is the example of this, with the final arc changing and making everything of the previous chapters work to a new height.

He also issues big, Absolute-size hardbacks, each containing 3 trades, for a RRP of $50 and even now plans in terns of those! I’ve seen interviews where he’s saying this series will be a nice set of hardbacks. Rememnder knows there’s a market for those and that he’ll reap dividends by not jacking up the price.

Oh, thanks. When I last looked for it, I got nowhere.

Best price I just found:

Tokyo Ghost OHC - Books Etc - £21.56


You can get it sub-£20 from Speedyhen via Abebooks with a 10%-off code, which is great. In fact I might need to bite now before it goes OOP.


Ah, but I don’t have that code…

For a whole lot of Murphy art, I’m not going to begrudge a couple of quid.

And yeah, move fast.


Low is his best selling work. Sells massively in France apparently.


This is a very good point and it’s why I always stick by his books even when an arc is not to my tastes, because he always pulls it back round and holistically his runs are well structured and thought out.


One of the things he’s said himself is most of his books are to some degree redemption tales and I think that actually makes it difficult for him to initially grab some readers. Black Science in particular makes it very easy to read the first arc and not like any of the protagonists or sympathise with them. In Tokyo Ghost one of the leads basically has no personality beyond his addiction, you get to see who he is if you stick with it.

I’ve become like Ben and I tend now to buy the books monthly but only read them in large chunks but I do that as I have the faith he’ll deliver based on his previous books.


I’ve actually never read Fear Agent, although I did buy the gorgeous Library Editions of those. I’ll dive into that when Black Science wraps up, I think.

With Opena on art, I’m trying to wait for the inevitable OHC’s of Seven to Eternity. I think those would look awesome sitting on my shelf next to those two Fear Agent books.


By the way, as we were recently discussing Avatar. They have a digital sale on now at Comixology, probably the only way you can read Providence without breaking the bank.


Yup,. and it’s near-certain it’ll be the same monster size volume.

You really ought to read Fear Agent, but make sure you go right to the end.


I loved Remender’s Uncanny X-Force run and currently enjoy Black Science.

I tried the first issue of Tokyo Ghost and found the first issue so badly structured and written, I dropped it.

With his other work, the premises just didn’t grab me.

I’m at a point now that if the first issue of a book doesn’t hook me, it gets dropped. I don’t want to waste money on projects that might get better.


Which is fair. As I said it’s an inherent risk in writing books that way. Changing the emphasis on issue 16 is not a quick grab technique.

However for me it’s more all the works so far have paid off so I don’t really see it a risk.


Yeah. There are a few creators who I will super trade wait for without fear of disappointment, based on prior form. Azzarello, Ennis, Aaron, Hickman, and a handful of others. Remender’s definitely on that list too.


Same here. His stuff should be right in my sweet spot but I have not gotten on with any of it that I have read so far. It’s not for trying (and I still have some stuff in my to-read pile by him). That being said, I read the first volume of Low. The art was beautiful but at times made the story hard to read. I wasn’t a huge fan of the story either.


Did you read any of his Marvel work? I would have thought Uncanny X-Force or his Secret Avengers would have worked for you, Ronnie.


I don’t think I did. All of his Image stuff should have worked for me. Serious sci-fi and some of the themes he pulls from like depression are things that are right in my wheelhouse. I think the thing that I find difficult with his work is that his characters tend to be unlikeable to unbearable.


Try his Punisher: Franken-Castle arc - it’s wonderfully bonkers.