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No. But there’s been some suggestion that he might return to that soon.


Not good enough, no trade buy.


Trees is pretty special. I hope he does come back to it. Although don’t the creative team have another, brand new, title coming out in the Sept solicits? A new Trees volume looks like it may be a long time coming.


Ellis said in a recent newsletter that he accidentally wrote the outline and first issues for Vol 3.


I read the first arc of Trees and while it had some good moments, it just seemed to go nowhere very slowly.


Bigger things happen in vol 2, Todd. Ends on a pretty big cliffhanger too (IIRC).


I can live with a story being a slowburner so long as it’s complete.

Just don’t want another Docktor Sleepless, Terminal City, Anna Mercury and there’s probably a few others I’ve forgotten about.


Newuniversal! And Desolation Jones.




Terminal City? What’s that? ( Ignition City was completed as far as i read)


But Fell was all one-shot stories! :slight_smile:


Suspect he mistyped. Terminal City was Dean Motter.


Yup, Ignition City was the one I was going for.


And Jack Cross.

Just kidding, nobody liked Jack Cross.


I think Warren Elllis has a masterwork in him, a From Hell or Sandman, he just needs to find the patience to write it.

(And Planetary wasn’t his masterwork. It is a good series but towards the end I think the story started to get a little boring and predictable. The ending did not live up to the promise of the earlier issues.)


Transmetropolitan may be his magnum opus.


Transmet is great up until the half of the series. I still re-read the first couple of trades every now and then.

After that first half I think it was not so good as it was though. Like other works I think he got bored with the concept and the way he ended it was lackluster.


It’s The Wild Storm.

I stand by this.




I was just about to post Freak Angels.

I suspect Ellis was able to maintain a stable schedule because it was a handful of pages every week, with breaks built in to the schedule. In the end he and artist Paul Duffield completed the series without any serious delays, resulting in six TPBs worth of material.