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I’ve got that Team Zero mini, and I remember enjoying it but not thinking it was spectacular.

(and it was post-DC buyout Wildstorm, IIRC)


Team Zero with Doug Mankhe, say? Can you describe the premise?


Team Zero switches genders and race for a super secret mission against Hitler, realize the error of white patriarchy privilege and become vegan. You’ll love it.


I thought it was a bit much when Bullet looked right at the reader and said “WOMEN’S RIGHTS” though.


They certainly sound like a team that can’t be divided.


At the end, didn’t they change the team’s name to SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIORS ZERO?


Yes, they have also been working on the film adaptation:


I think that King and Seeley’s Grayson did a very good job changing people’s perception of Dick.


True. They also built on a lot of Morrison lore, the way Seeley later built on Dixon lore.


I prefer to assume that the Chuck Dixon who wrote Team 7 at WildStorm and the Chuck Dixon who is connected with this Indiegogo thing are two completely different Chuck Dixons. I’m sure it’s not a unique name, and I don’t want my love of Team 7 to be tainted. So there!



Sounds promising.

Interesting given all the doom and gloom about mainstream comics on this board that a bunch of new publishers are springing up. Clearly some folks think there’s a future for the industry.


It’s interesting as that format is essentially what 90% of British comics have always been. It was always relatively rare to have all comics material. When I read Star Wars comics as a kid they’d have articles on ‘making of’ stuff or other comics had text stories or even Alan Moore doing fanzine reviews and articles on the history of comics. Some like Doctor Who have always been mostly articles with the strip taking 10 pages or so.

There’s a bit of that in Brubaker and Phillips’ comics with the back matter but in US comics it’s not something I’ve ever seen much.



The Solicitations for September 2018 thread is up and running with:

AC Comics, Archie, and Moonstone.

Lots more this week, and Image tomorrow.

Solicitations for September 2018 (w/ Previews Text)

Edit: I have updated the solicit thread to 6 company solicits for this thread with

Image, Boom! Studios, and Valiant


Coming as an absolute shock to no one:

Next up! Amber?


At the Denver Comic Con, i met some people behind Lion Forge and Valiant comics and was impressed by their world building. I think that people who like x-men should take a look at valiant’s Psiots. Psiots are Valiant’s version of mutants but instead of being found and taught by a kindly Professor X, they were found by evil industrialist Toyo Harada. Their writers are also improving with Jeff Lemire and Eric Heisserer. Lion Forge’s main architect is Joe Casey and it deal with two types of supers. Astronauts who survived an attempt to destroy a catastrophe level asteroid and people affected by the asteroid’s fragments that fell to earth


Did any of the Valiant folks mention working with Bat in the Sun or Aaron Schoenke in particular? I know he (and his dad and all the gym rats) were doing something with Ninjak.


Have now updated to include 23 company solicits (for this thread),
plus Previews Order Forms.