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His run on Robin is good.


Didn’t he pencil Miracelman for a bit?


He is doing Bane Conquest. It’s not bad, it’s worth buying it. Were you referring to it?

On the side note, he personally said he got sacked from major publishers, due to his politics. Especially from Marvel (15 years).
But when I said sacked, I probably wasn’t clear. A meant that he, and he said himself, he got less and less work than before. Something like he identifies himself as conservative. I know that DC and Marvel are left leaning, he probably referred to that.

I dunno for any of his right wing stuff as Robert pointed out.


Batgirl Year One.


Easy to be a libertarian when you’re a billionaire.


Not sure if I’d agree. He is more centered. Obsessed with crime and justice, nearly as Dredd is, except Dredd is two - dimensional characters. If anything, Miller’s Batman can be described as right wing.


That’s Chuck Austen I think.


Ah, yes!


Chuck Dixon’s best work?

Nightwing #1-40 with Scott McDaniel

The three Robin mini- series, starring Tim Drake, with art by Tom Lyle (particularly Robin II - The Joker’s Wild); and on a similar vein Batman #468-470 and Detective Comics #644-649, by the same creative team.

The Joker: Devil’s Advocate.

The Connor Hawke Green Arrow years (#90-137).

Way of the Rat.


I was just going to mention his Nightwing. He’s still the foundation and point of reference and standard of solo Dick Grayson material. That’s pretty huge.


His Green Arrow run also had brilliant art by a fellow named Rodolfo Damaggio who seemed to have quit comics later on.


I was counting that (and Nightwing) as part of his Batman work. Birds of Prey too to a degree.


I was just talking about the character in general, not any particular run.


Only the supervillains are right wing.


His Robin is good. As is Nightwing.
If you can track it down he did a fantastic Team Zero with Doug Mankhe for Image.
Some of his Eclipse work I enjoyed, too.


Sounds like the plot to a porno.


Enough with the high praise.


I remember liking his Team 7 stuff too but it has been years and I don’t know how well it’s aged.


The art at least is still beautiful.


Depends on the character, really. Iron Man is a lassiez faire capatilist who keeps his best innovations for himself, which is pretty right wing, Reed Richards seems fine maintaining his wealth from the patents he has filed, while similarly hoarding his ultratech (and yes, a lot of that is because if they did share, the Marvel universe would be a wholly SF setting and not vaguely grounded in the real world, but you know). Jack Marlowe from Wildcats volume 2/3.0 would be a Iron Man level capitalist when it came to wanting minimal government intervention into his business, but was using capitalism to make the world a better place by actually selling miracle technology to the people.

Alternately, you’ve got characters like The Authority, who were (heh) authoritarian when it came to maintaining their monopoly on violence, but were more than willing to redistribute wealth, food and technology to improve the lifestyle of the common individual.