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I just finished reading the first volume. It’s ok, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as Sunstone - the leads and their relationship aren’t fleshed out as well, so the book feels a little bit hollow (especially in the early stages where it more or less ticks off the story of them getting together in bullet-points). It’s also quite short - there’s only about 80 story pages in the first volume, and it ends just as things are starting to get going.

That said, it has the potential to be interesting now that the setup is out of the way, and I grew to like the characters more in the second half of the book as their relationship gets a bit more complex. Plus, the art is quite nice (although there’s nothing as good as the fully-rendered sections of Sunstone).


Cool. I might do what I did with Sunstone and wait and read the full series once it’s finished.


That’s what I did with Sunstone too, it worked well.


"Two Army Veterans crash in a mystical jungle populated by a lost tribe of TOXIC Warrior Women that hunt men, enslave them and then kill them. They must escape, submit to survive or die trying!”

This is a parody right?

“The FIRST ONES, members an ancient Cult from a long forgotten race that worship nothing but their lust and the One-Eyed Demon”

Gotta be

Devil Worshiping Assasians

typo? Tell me its a typo…


Honestly, that’s one of the least professional looking indiegogo pages I’ve seen. The description doesn’t even make clear that the Lizzarins are actual lizard people.


It’s a typo. It’s supposed to be Ass Asians.


That sounds awful.


Ravage is part of the CAUTIONVERSE, a fully developed comic book universe of over 50 NEW and ORIGINAL Titles

Good luck with that, I guess?


I’m increasingly amazed that Chuck Dixon was good on Batman, the more I see of his other work.


I liked Chuck Dixon’s Green Arrow way back.


Dixon had some great runs on the Punisher.


You are being very kind with that assessment.


Dixon has done a lot of great work.


I just picked up Sunstone in the Top Cow sale last week. I have not read any of it yet or Swing, however nice to know that if I enjoy it there is more coming.


Chuck is legend. Not perhaps Alan Moore legend, but he is great. Batgirl Year One, Batman run (not to forget he co created Bane) and Punisher are all awesome. Too bad mainstream publishers sacked him.


He did a maxiseries just last-to-this year at DC.
Which other creators at mainstream publishers actually supported because of some fans who were rallying against him due to his politics.

It’s not like he’s been exiled.


Agreed. But this looks like men’s rights activist bullshit.


Those would be…the “politics” I mentioned above.
It’s clearly an author tract, but he’s doing it indie…so, that’s something.


Any recommendations? (beyond Punisher - not a character I’m into)

His work on the Nam was pretty awful and his bits for Young Justice were quite crass compared to the main body by PaD.

Edit: just realised I’m completely forgetting Birds of Prey. That was pretty good.


I’ve really liked Chuck Dixon books before, although not recently, but the right-wing stuff of his last decade is awful.

I’m not saying right wing comics can’t be good (Batman is a libertarian for all intents and purposes), but the recent trend of washed-up artists hitting the crowdfunding sites to soak gamergaters and the incel crowd is such a transparent grift.