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I got a Viz Pokemon comic for FCBD.

While I’m obviously aware of Pokemon, I never really knew anything about it. Because it’s aimed at young children, I think?

So, let’s see if I’ve got this right:

The concept of Pokemon is that it’s fun to capture small cute animals and then force them to fight one another in brutal gladiatorial-style combats? Basically like cock-fighting or pit-bull fighting but for children to enjoy?

I’m glad I missed out on the phenomenon, if that’s it :confused:


Yes, that’s pretty much it. You also need to factor in that the main characters (in the games, TV show and I presume comics) are usually pre-teens, who go off to travel the country alone, like itinerant yobs, and that one of the rules of Pokemon training is that if you make eye contact with a stranger outside of a town, you have to battle, the loser giving half their money away to the winner (which is the game’s way of explaining why you have to battle every person you pass closely, but it’s nonetheless quite sinister).


You left out the OCD factor: one has to catch them ALL!


Just read Barrier 1-5. I didn’t read the first issue prior to getting them all together in one purchase but if I had read the first I probably wouldn’t have continued. I’ve no interest in a book where I can’t ‘read’ half the dialogue. Sure, Martin’s art is good enough that you can still understand what is going on but I felt a bit cheated. Also the story didn’t grab me at all and the end was meh. I imagine I can shop it off on ebay no probs. Yet another flop from BKV.

edit - my mate has just told me it’s meant to be kind of the of the point that the language is alien and you might not be able to understand. Bah, that only works if the story is good.



Why’s the main book going on hiatus?


Does he have 13 Eisner Awards now?


Eh, it’s Bobby.

Although I’ll admit BKV-Matin collaborations have fallen flat for me too, with The Private Eye being the example.


Can’t pretend that this isn’t disappointing news :confused:


I’d agree.

It’s not that I’m not interested in seeing other people handle the characters, but I’ll vary my interest depending on the creative team.

For instance, Hit-Girl in Canada is by Lemire-Russo!

Open to being convinced by chatter though, as I was on Kingsman: Red Diamond.


I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: I love that the Chief is letting other writers play in the sandbox now. It’s going to show the true strength of his concepts, that they can exist without needing him to write them. It’s the proof of all material, that it can exist past its original incarnation. We love to try and argue that this is a bad thing, but it’s literally the whole history of storytelling.


I think I’ll leave with Millar and JRjr.

It’s really their verve and outright boldness that has sold the series to me and made it the madman’s ride to chaos that I love it for. If I hear good things about Niles’ run I’ll check it out an issue or two, but that’s about it. Wish it the best though.


I got Barrier #1 on FCBD, and completely agree with this.

I admired BKV’s idea of making most of the dialogue foreign, but ultimately it failed because the story wasn’t compelling enough to support the idea.


I picked up James Stokoe’s Aliens: Dead Orbit in a recent ComiXology sale. I read it on an over-crowded tube journey back home this evening, feeling ever so slightly self conscious for the graphic violence. It’s a really gripping page turner of a book. The story is intense, and horrific. The artwork perfectly capturing the claustrophobic feel of a doomed space station, and tells the story wonderfully well. And, it’s got a deliciously downbeat ending. Great book. I think, perhaps, my favourite Aliens comic since the original DH trilogy, and way better than any movie since the first two.


Dead Orbit is very good. I love his inking style, which plays a big part in creating the atmosphere of the book.



Just saw this detail about this week’s Heavy Metal, which I wasn’t aware of.

I’ve been buying the magazine since Morrison started his tenure as EIC but stockpiling them to read later, maybe over this summer. I’ll be interested to read this one.


I enjoyed Sunstone, but haven’t checked out Swing yet.


Warren Ellis & Jason Howard re-team for new series CEMETERY BEACH

“​Jason wanted to do an action book, so I wrote something that starts with a conversation in an interrogation room, ignites four pages later, and doesn’t stop until the end of the final issue—which he’s drawing right now, so when issue #1 comes out, the whole series will be in the can,” said Ellis. “It might be the most relentless action book I’ve ever written.”

In CEMETERY BEACH, a professional pathfinder, his only ally a disaffected young murderess, breaks out of a torture cell in pursuit of his worst extraction scenario ever: escaping on foot across a sprawling and secret off-world colony established a hundred years ago and filled with generations of lunatics.

Howard added: “In Cemetery Beach, Warren wrote the perfect book for me as an artist. It’s an insane world filled with old future tech, cool characters, big explosions, and enough heart to make you care. It’s the kind of comics I love reading and REALLY love drawing.”

Ellis mentioned in his newsletter this week that he had plotted out and started writing the third Trees arc too.


Chuck Dixon is back!