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Can’t you do it while you’re driving?

I mean if you really cared about us, you would.



Well, shit…

Copperhead #22

Writer: Scott Godlewski, Jay Faerber
Artist / Cover: Scott Godlewski, Ron Riley

August 29 / 32 pages / FC / T+ / $3.99

SERIES FINALE This is it. The end. The siege on Copperhead is over. Who will be left standing when the dust settles?

On the other hand, I never expected to get as many issues as this and it is heading for a conclusion.

Great little book.

EDIT: Oh, Eclipse is back too. And Rumble continues with a new arc.


Oof, yeah glad I dropped Youngblood after that solicit.


I hate that look the other drivers give me, even if it gives me the perfect opportunity to pass them. :wink:

I look at Millarworld during breaks and lunch, maybe a few cheats (like right now), but it has become clear Millarworlders either don’t have jobs or could care less about keeping them.


It can be two things!


Is now updated to include Image, and 7 others (total 12)

Wednesday edit:
Now up to 33 company solicits
Also PreviewsWorld Order Forms

Wednesday May 30th edit:
Now up to 36 company solicits for this thread



I was at MCM London yesterday and met @mattgarvey1981, top guy. I went home with Cordelia Swift and the first issue of White Noir. Looking to dig into them this weekend.


Thank you sooooooo much for coming over, buddy.
It was lovely to meet you.


Any Hugo Pratt/Corto Maltese fans planning on visiting the south(ish) of France this Summer should take note of the following as a potential do.


It just struck me, having introduced my sister in law to The Guardian’s of The Galaxy this weekend, that Corto Maltese’s sardonically cool style was reminiscent of Chris Pratt’s persona in those movies.

If a ‘real world’ movie of Corto Maltese were ever made, Chris Pratt would have to be a main contender for the titular role. How spooky is that?



A cracking cover for LOEG: Tempest #2.




Color Preview is up.
Some of the choices are inspired…but overall it’s looking pretty uncanny valley.


Oh, fuck, no. Go sell this to somebody else. Good for Eddie, though! (I like him.) But this is 100% sales - and might as well have Johnny Depp doing the color. It feels like molestation. I do not like this project.


I agree in principle, but my OCD self is still going to get it since Campbell is wanting to correct some art errors and I love the book anyway so I’d like to have something that is at least satisfactory in story/setting to the artist.

The color is clearly just an excuse to do that though, which is a shame that they couldn’t sell a remastered edition on its own merits without some BS gimmick.


I don’t care about the colour, but if there’s another Appendix that’s anywhere near as good as Dance of the Gull-Catchers I might have to check it out.


Oh, god, this is going to sound heretical, but I’m actually looking forward to this.

I found the original black and white presentation to be an eyesore. Lots of tiny, dense panels of scratchy art and scratchy text.


Cool! Eddie will be happy! You’ll be happy!

Never be dissuaded just because somebody else doesn’t like it. More 4 u!