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Depends from where you at.



Bunch of unfuckable whiners. Yes, it’s definitely a case of them dropping out of the dating game voluntarily. It’s definitely not because they’re losers. :wink:

Plus, who doesn’t want to be dominated by a strong woman?



These Imaginaries by Mike S Miller. A heartwarming fairly tale, sort of Peter Pan and superhero crossover. I like Miller, I like his art (Injustice). Even through it appears cartoonish, but in the most positive way. Have no idea why DC sacked him.

Btw, about Jawbreakers… do you think the ruckus will or will be forgotten soon? Or something’ll grow bigger out of it.

S&M folks?


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Pretty sure they do.


Insert refeence to Chris Claremont’s alleged predelictions here…


Wasn’t that Rumored about Shooter as well?


My lips are sealed.


Ahahaha, I know. I just tried to be ironic.


Rasputin, Voice of the Dragon #1-5 was a rare misfire from the Mignolaverse. Not that it’s a bad comic. Far from it. Both story and art are of the usual high standards across the board. But, given the title, this should have been a dark look into the mind and motivations of the title character. What it was, however, is a pre-BPRD adventure, where Rasputin himself actually has less screen time than almost any other character in the book. It’s by the team who gave us The Cult of the Black Flame mini series from a couple of years ago. Definitely worth a read, but adjust expectations accordingly.


Got Vol 23 of the Transformers G1 Definitive Collection over the weekend. It reprinted Regeneration One 91-95 (or something similar). I’m not reading it, as I’m super tradewaiting this run, but I did flick through it. There’s a scene in here I have literally waited 32 years for! Huge, massive, smile on my face seeing that. Yay!


Top Shelf are republishing From Hell, in colour:

Eddie mentioned that he and Top Shelf are releasing a new edition of From Hell with some of the continuity cleaned up, and with pages coloured by Eddie. At first, I thought he was pulling my leg because Eddie’s a bit of a joker, but he did eventually show me some coloured pages on his laptop.

Eddie also said he wanted to fix the continuity. I was trying to figure out what that meant because I couldn’t really remember any continuity problems in the plot or writing. He grabbed my collected edition of From Hell and flipped to the early, quite remarkable chapter where Netley and Gull are driving around London and Gull discourses on all the historical resonance. He pointed out that the chapter takes place in August and therefore it made no sense for Netley to wear a scarf. He also pointed out that they were atop a very elaborate coach, one that was more like a limousine, and would thus draw a lot of attention. Later on in the book, I think they’re on a hansom cab instead. He also pointed out a panel with a church where the perspective of the foreground and background don’t match.


I don’t really understand the point but glad that if it’s being done Eddie is doing it.


I agree, I can’t say I’m particularly interested in a coloured version but at least it’s not being done against the artist’s wishes.

I think there is probably some truth in the idea that black-and-white books are automatically off-putting for some readers, so if coloured volumes like this and the recent Halo Jones collections help to get the stories seen by more pairs of eyes, I don’t see the harm.


The way Campbell shaded London streets seems way better in effect than doing it in color. But, that’s my view only.

Besides, wasn’t it done in b&w to tone down the gruesome violence?


I saw Whale’s Bride of Frankenstein colorized once.

That seems an undignified shame. As is, From Hell is a thing of beauty. Colored and “fixed”, I fear it’s The Last Jedi.


The colorization seems unnecessary, but I am curious as to how it will turn out nonetheless.


Image for August is up.
I’ll update the solicit thread when I get home.