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Could be a Magic: The Gathering pun? He’s got MTG in his username




Depends from where you at.



Bunch of unfuckable whiners. Yes, it’s definitely a case of them dropping out of the dating game voluntarily. It’s definitely not because they’re losers. :wink:

Plus, who doesn’t want to be dominated by a strong woman?



These Imaginaries by Mike S Miller. A heartwarming fairly tale, sort of Peter Pan and superhero crossover. I like Miller, I like his art (Injustice). Even through it appears cartoonish, but in the most positive way. Have no idea why DC sacked him.

Btw, about Jawbreakers… do you think the ruckus will or will be forgotten soon? Or something’ll grow bigger out of it.

S&M folks?


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Pretty sure they do.


Insert refeence to Chris Claremont’s alleged predelictions here…


Wasn’t that Rumored about Shooter as well?


My lips are sealed.


Ahahaha, I know. I just tried to be ironic.


Rasputin, Voice of the Dragon #1-5 was a rare misfire from the Mignolaverse. Not that it’s a bad comic. Far from it. Both story and art are of the usual high standards across the board. But, given the title, this should have been a dark look into the mind and motivations of the title character. What it was, however, is a pre-BPRD adventure, where Rasputin himself actually has less screen time than almost any other character in the book. It’s by the team who gave us The Cult of the Black Flame mini series from a couple of years ago. Definitely worth a read, but adjust expectations accordingly.