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Yeah, I thought that was the whole reason for crowdfunding, so a book that a few hundred people are interested in could exist for them. Do these people think it’s seed money to get the next Walking Dead-like megahit out in the world? Even knowing how hard it is to break into comics, this guy clearly has some connections in the industry so if there was actual demand for this book it would already exist, Mark Waid or no.


Re: Antarctic Press

I don’t think my LCS has any of their books on the shelf. They may order for subscribers who request their stuff but that would be it. I see them as having a very small but dedicated readership that keeps them afloat. I would imagine the Jawbreakers controversy had the potential to severely damage the company, maybe even putting it under.


There’s no one “right” way to use crowdfunding, I think. A lot of self-publishers and small companies use it to gather capital so they can either make a product that would be outside their financial grasp, or to finance print runs of books, albums or other items that they’re unable or unwilling to fund out of their own pockets. And yeah, some of these are definitely passion products, but established ompanies use it a lot as well.


I think it’s because of that personal connection we all feel with our favourite creators. I’ve only backed one Kickstarter project in my time, and that was Rucka/ Burchett’s Lady Sabre. Similar to you I pledged a lot more than I would have buying a book “off the shelf”.

I’ve also donated significant amounts of cash to crowd funding for comic book creator medical bills. But, if Joe Schmoe asked me to donate similar amounts to their upkeep, I’d keep on walking, thinking it’s not my problem.


37 backed projects in Kickstarter. 11 Comic ones.
2 comic almost went off the rails, for very different reasons.
2 took a long time to deliver - some people have not got physical rewards yet.

(1 one non-comic one is taking literally years, its probably going to be 2 years late)


The only reason I would even consider buying a comic like Jawbreakers would be because of the controversy. Controversial comics have a place in my collection. Aside from that appeal, though, it has none. The art is shit and the whole purpose of the thing is just to troll. It doesn’t look good at all.


I’ve backed dozens of comics on Kickstarter. Some good some shit. A lot of it late. I’ve got two outstanding - both were ment to be delivered May 2014. One a five dollar single issue comic book which has been on radio silence for almost 18 months and a graphic novel which has had a lot of setbacks and change of creative team bit the project owner has regularly updated every handful of months. In fact, the latest update was to say backers were getting freebie book featuring the first three issues as a thank you/sorry for the on going delays.




Surprising nobody, this is the same kind of shit that happened with Gamergate. People always want to believe that they’re the good guy in their story, and that as a result their actions are justified because they’re good. And when they don’t get their way, they get more extreme.



And to follow up on my last post, just to highlight this reply:

First of all, you're lying here, second of all, good, I'm glad you're uncomfortable. That's exactly the way you've been treating your customers and it's hilarious that you're enjoying a taste of your own medicine, in terms of being made to feel uncomfortable.

— Mayor of MTGTOWn (@MtgTrashfire) May 15, 2018

MGTOW stands for Men Going Their Own Way, a subset of the so-called Manosphere, a loose collection of groups which claim to be for men’s rights, but seem to spend all their time complaining about women. MGTOWs specifically claim that feminism has ruined society, and that men are dropping out of the relationship game rather than be dominated by women. Of course, they yell about going their own way a lot but never seem to actually getting around to doing so. They’re closely related to the Involuntary Celibate movement, incel for short. Elliot Rodger is often seen as a hero by incels and MGTOWs, and Alek Minassian, who killed 10 people in Toronto a few weeks ago identified as one


Like…there are easier ways of getting comics nowadays. F-king ridiculous.


Yeah, and like people were saying upthread, presumably most of these people backed the Jawbreakers Indiegogo, so were going to be getting the comic direct from whathisname


Over the course of few months, I became MGTOW too. Not because of women, but because of everything - “you need/have to do this, that”. It grew me insane.


…are you reformed now?


What does this mean?


The Solicitations for August 2018 thread is up and running with:

AC Comics, Amigo, Aspen, and Lion Forge.

Solicitations for August 2018 (w/ Previews Text)

"Mayor of MTGTOWn "

What’s the additional “T” for though?


I get so tired of this shit infecting everything I enjoy.

Comics. Star Wars. Star Trek. Doctor Who. Science Fiction books. Heavy metal music.

It’s to the point where I can’t go anywhere to discuss things that isn’t filled with a bunch of lunatics ranting about white genocide and SJWs and feminists.

This crap justs spreads like a disease. It starts out as maybe one person, or two or three, and then they start pulling in outsiders who don’t even care about comics (or Star Wars or comics, or whatever) who then start trolling the communities, and then you have maybe a fourth or a third of the community that might be a little sympathetic to the misogynists, racists, or homophobes, and then they get fully redpilled by the trolls and nuts, and everyone is at each others throats.

It’s extremism feeding upon itself. It’s been doing it for decades, and it just keeps getting angrier and angrier, and growing in its scope. And I don’t see it ending any time. :frowning:


Could be a Magic: The Gathering pun? He’s got MTG in his username