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I just spent 20 minutes trying to figure out the deal with that Antarctic Press story and couldn’t make heads or tails of any of it, except it seems like a whole lot of wasted energy by a lot of people (including Mark Waid).

Somehow this led me to Ethan Van Schiver’s Twitter page, which is incredibly bizarre. He seems to tweet nonstop around the clock and a majority of his tweets are about how much he hates Rose from Last Jedi. Is he working on any current books?


He’s on Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps.


I may be mistaken but I thought I saw somewhere DC had not renewed his contract.


He might not be exclusive anymore, but he’s still in the June solicits.


As far as I can tell, he spends a lot of time trying to bully people who he disagrees with onto his podcast.


Yeah, same here


The strangest thing about the whole Jawbreakers thing is all the people trying to claim Jon Malin is an A List “top end Marvel style” artist.


For me, the strangest things are 1) Antarctic Press is still around and 2) why any publisher would even consider associating with that poisonous scene.


I seem to be missing a big part of this story. I don’t understand anything about it.


I’m most concerned as why anyone would rip off Grifter by putting him in a “tacticool” suit of armor.

That’s missing the whole point of Grifter.


That was a very biased story written to defend the assholes.


The background is here:

If you skip down to the bit on “Diversity & Comics” aka Richard C. Meyer, that’s who did the Kickstarter for the comic Antarctic were planning on publishing.


This is the second campaign as well.
The first campaign from 2016 or so never delivered…for the same comic.


I realize BC probably isn’t very popular around here, but the full story can be read here:


You and @ChrisS - Come with me lads. We’ll go have a beer. Or a smoke. Or just some nice fresh air. This is intense first-world snowflake over-reaction drama, dig? A bad scene. Any of you other who want to come with, shake a leg!


Thank you, that made the story clear. Essentially, this guy is an asshole.

I definitely feel dumber for having read it, but it made the story clear.


I didn’t know that bit. :joy:. I did wonder where the “first story” that’s been included (as a stretch goal no less) was coming from, but it being the product of the last crowd-funding that he didn’t deliver on is hilarious.

All the idiots supporting this are going around now saying that because it’s hit $250,000 on Indie Gogo, it’s made more money than almost every other graphic novel this year, seemingly completely oblivious to the difference between crowd-funding and sales revenue. If you look at the actual number of backers, it’s less than the number of people who bought Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (one of their hated “SJW diversity” comics that “no-one likes”) in March (and that’s just physically, not including digital). It’s just that those 6,500 odd people are paying an average of $37 each for a 100 page comic.

It’s no wonder the comics industry makes them so mad, seeing as they don’t seem to actually understand any of it. It must be scary and overwhelming for them.


At least they’re otherwise fairly rational.


A stretch goal!
My god, even if these people believed in this stuff about defending some sort of sanctity of comic book readership - how can they even support this sort of chicanery? That’s like…the opposite of it all.


Reactionary idealogues are really good at bilking cash from rubes