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I’m willing at least to give the new IDWverse a chance, but it it’s going back to the civil war, there needs to be some meat to it. Ending the war was the best thing to happen to Transformers fiction since Furman’s Marvel work, and there needs to be something really great to compensate for losing the special (dare I say it) spark that the post-war stories contained.


Another new TF continuity? They are a plague


Add it to the pile over there


Oh, btw, I tracked down a copy of Dawn of the Predacus, because I wanted to actually feel the physical pain of reading a printed copy :stuck_out_tongue:


You are a tremendous masochist.

I’ll maybe give a new continuity ago. I wouldn’t be against a new war-set series if had a new angle on it or tone. Sticking entirely to Cybertron and actually building a credible society to set a civil war in would be nice and fairly novel. Give it a Len Deighton cold war novel feel maybe.
It depends largely on who would be writing it though. It doesn’t look like Roberts will be back and it feels like he poured everything into More Lost. Barber seems to have been running on empty for a while too. I’ve no idea who else IDW would go to. Sitterson? Probably not after the GI Joe furore. Visaggio? Easton? Ryall? Scott? Bunn? I can’t say any of those would excite me.

Hopefully if Roberts isn’t writing an ongoing any more, the TF Classics UK trades might pick up pace again (though I don’t think the delay is entirely on his end).


I like that they’re ending it on their own terms with what sounds like a spectacular finale.

I’ve loved the focus on the bots, stuff the humans - no one wants stories about fleshlings.

Similarly, first doing a very different take on the war with Furman’s aborted epic then Roberts really going to town, first with Wreckers then MTMTE and ending the war. I can’t blame the man for being done with Transformers as he’ll have written close to or over 100 issues by the time he’s done. What does he have left to say that he hasn’t done?

Right now, there’s no hook for me on whatever they have for the reboot. That could change, I’ll see what info comes out.


I only fear that they will announce something like IDW BEAST WARS REBOOT.


Will the Transformers reboot be part of a shared Hasbroverse or are they abandoning that?


All the comments I’ve seen here say it’s been a sales disaster, so can’t imagine it continues.


This has to be a Hasbro initiated reboot. So whatever toys they’re pushing will probably be the basis of the reboot.





Hasbro have seemed pretty hands off with the comics, or at least claimed to be, so I don’t know that they’d insist on a reboot as long as the toys keep popping up vaguely recognisably.


A little LoEG preview.


Variant cover from Adam Hughes. Wow.


Another variant, Bill Sienkiewicz on the Walking Dead.


The Visitor: How & Why He Stayed #1-5 was a Mignolaverse mini-series, by Chris Roberson, Paul Grist and Bill Crabtree. It’s only tangentially connected to the Hellboy universe, taking a little known side character and spinning out a fully fleshed out side story running in parallel to the main narrative. It’s a beautiful and and genuinely affecting story. I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat by the time it finished. This one is definitely worth a read, folks.


Bond as M?

That’s freaking fantastic!


Especially given the link back to ‘M’ in the first volume of LOEG.


And the continual humiliation of Campion Bond all the way into Century.